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Sometimes the good you try to do to help others, ends up being thrown back at your face. Do things for Allah’s sake, not to please people.
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have no idea what to do
running away from society and living w penguins for the rest of my life
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when you try to pause a youtube video using a spacebar but it scrolls the page down instead
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This is how my week goes: Mooooonnnnnddaaaaaaaaay Tueeeesssdaaaaaaayyyyy Weeedddnnnesssdayyyyy Thursssssdaaaaaaaayyyyy FridaySaturdaySunday.
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kinda miss u co muchhh😥�@ANormadinana berfoto bersam@KendallJennerer eet
what if they have been hurt? what if its not a happy ending? thats all natural, I think😌
the only reason why ppl always feelin doubt to another human is bcs they dont know what might happen next
Allah puts people in your life for a reason and removes them from your life for a better reason.
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Dear ALLAH. Today I woke up. I’m healthy. I am alive. I apologize for all my complaining. I’m truly grateful for all you’ve done.
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That's what's wrong with today. If you don't show or "prove" to social media that you've done something it's like it never happened!
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I LOVEE laughing. Don't lose your happiness. #ToBeingYoungForever
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when 1 of your siblings wasn't ready to take a pics
seems like I didnt care..actually I care it too much. every details of it!
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this is gonna be the last day in Ramadhan. I really hope that we all can meet again on the next year, aamiin nite!
grow up your love like Kylie jenner's lips
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it is terrible when you miss your bestfriend at 3 a.m but you can't tell her because you think its gonna be much silly to tell☺
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semoga sy berani ngambil langkah yg sy yakini ga salah ko :)
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do you wanna live happily? be grateful and appreciate what you have & sharing your happiness to others
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when Allah always listening to you no matter how much the mistake that you have made
dont ever trying to be a perfect puppet like what they want. make ur life simply happy and just be true to who you are :) oh, helloo.
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then you realized he'd be the reason you couldn't sleep till 2 a.m
missing someone at midnight was the most terrific things ever
dont be afraid abt what they think, dont be afraid to rebuild yourself, start over again to BE WHAT YOU WANT not WHAT THEY WANT
when the time makes you know about everything that you dont know yet
sometimes you think its better to be isolated from everything and just focusing on one thing.
happiness is being truly yourself and follow your heart
sometimes its fun to being somebody else, but at some of the point u cant live happily forever with it
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When Allah said "NO" then no one could change it
Dear Allah, please make me surrounded by the people who loves You so much and make me love you more that I ever done
if you got that, you will know how rich you are!
be with someone who proud of you and already knows yourself very well but still loves for who you are...
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sometimes we need to go away from anything, so we know who will stay or who leave from us :)
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