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Hanifa Khayam
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reach what you almost reach
would not have wanted to share this moment with anyone else but you baby G. 💓Z
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happy birthday my twin KENDALLLLL♥ @KendallJenner you are the prettiest af♥♥
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you know that I always love the small talk, randomly conversation, spontanous laugh, small hug, walk together with you.
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we are the problems. we are the solutions
i need some throwbackkkk
one song that could blown your mind
Allah says: "You may have someone in your mind, someone in your heart, someone in your life, but I am your someone when you have no one."
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Man creates spooky ghost drone to terrorize his neighborhood
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sometimes you better drop and leave it.
If Allah is always on your mind, Imaan will always be in your heart.
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Life will get much better when you stop caring about what everyone thinks, and start to actually live for yourself.
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The world can reject you, but ALLAH SWT will never reject us. His door is always open.
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"The more you mention him ﷺ , the softer your heart will become." - Shaykh Yahya Rhodus
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leave something for Allah, dont leave Allah for something
Ya Allah, turn our sadness to happiness; frowns to smiles; hate to love; weaknesses to strengths, and cleanse us of our shortcomings.
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Stop impressing people who don’t care. But start Impressing Allah who tests our Hearts.
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everyone deserve the loves and the freedom. Dont let people grab your circle and steal your happiness in life.
Always remember! There is no situation that you are experiencing alone. Allah walks beside you.
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One day you'll thank Allah for the door tht closed.You'll be grateful tht it didn't work out. Allah's plans r better than our wishes
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back to the trackkkkk
Whatever bad things you have done will eventually come back around and bite you in the ass... Patiently waiting
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kangeeeeeeennnnnmn aaaaammmmmeeelllll
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I think being in love is a privilege. I hope everyone gets the privilege ❤️
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struggle in my soul
Best gift you can give to someone = Dua/Prayer
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doing some unusual things just for that stupid reasons. astaughfirullahaladzim
even the normal girl would be just 'stranger' at last.
if we didn't get some miracle in life, at least we get some great experiences
Don't think of the things you didn't get after praying. Think of the countless blessings He ﷻ gave you without asking
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No matter how bad things may get between you and another person, be the better person and ask Allah to forgive them & grant them goodness.
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stop complaining for life
so much ppl out there who have some heavier matter in life than us. so why we keep complaining about our life?…
birthday sis @indirakayam I love you so much!♥
If you ever find your heart shaking from any calamity, tell it: "Do not worry, Allah is with us" Quraan 9:20
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May Allah guides and forgives you

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