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Hal Mayer
.@saragoldrickrab Universities are like Newspapers.They wont adjust till they are forced too. Too much brick/mortar in a digital age
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Humility asks; arrogance knows. What Maxwell Learned from Wooden
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How to Become the Most Valuable Player on Your Team - Michael Hyatt
People don’t want leaders to be perfect, they want leaders to be human. #leadership
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The Biggest Failures of Successful People (and How They Got Back Up)
Infographic: Why Exercise Makes You Happier (And How to Get Motivated to Do It More!)
Strategic Leadership Stretches Us -
#Repost from @gfctampa with @repostapp --- Join us this weekend as we begin a New Series that explores the many aspects of God called "I Am." This week we will talk about how God loves you infinitely today, and that we have to stop believing that He is going to love a future version of you more. #gf
Guidelines for Receiving Feedback (it can leave a mark!) | Leader Lifter
An autopsy of success... | Leader Lifter
12 Courageous Acts of Leadership | Leadership Freak
#Repost from @larry_mayer with @repostapp --- I read mine this morning.
What if your church had some Pharisees in it? What if you were one of them? Top 10 things Pharisees say today:
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Ella loves the slide.
This Clever Marketing Campaign Reversed Coke's 11-Year Decline in Soda Sales
7 Challenges Immature Leaders Cause A Church Or Organization | Brian Dodd on Leadership
5 Leadership Lessons from Nehemiah - Brad Lomenick
Bob Tiede | It is Not About You! – 5 Questions to ensure the focus is on the client
Leading by Serving—5 Essential Ingredients to Becoming a Leader People Want to Follow | Blanchard LeaderChat
Are You Enabling A Dysfunctional Company Culture? Four Questions to Ask Yourself | Blanchard LeaderChat
The Vision Room 6 Things Learned from 2 Great Communicators
#gfcfight #gfctampa #gfcwaters #gfcvandyke #gfctempleterrace
"Nothing Will Save as Much Money As Simply Not Buying Anything"
4 Trends in Christianity That Could Scare You, According to Ed Stetzer
An autopsy of success...
#Repost from @gfctampa with @repostapp --- This weekend, Pastor Craig will walk us through how to have conviction and courage to defeat the giants in our lives and take the promised land. #gfctampa #gfcfight #gfctempleterrace #gfcvandyke #gfcwaters
What gets rewarded gets repeated. via @HalMayer
#Repost from @1aupdike with @repostapp --- We made a fort this morning. Fun for everyone! #fridayisforforts
“If this initiative fails – what would that look like and how would it happen”? via @HalMayer
Leaders develop really unhealthy patterns and we call it leadership via @cnieuwhof
Check it out this weekend!! Pick a campus in Tampa!!! Grace Family Church.…
Check it out this weekend!! Pick a campus in Tampa!!! Grace Family Church. --- #gfctampa #gfcfight #gfcwaters #gfcvandyke #gfctempleterrace
Do something wonderful, people may imitate it. – Albert Schweitzer.
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How to be a great leader | Playlist
You are planning to do what?????
The Hierarchy of Supportive Leader Behaviors
Delegation or Abdication? | Leader Lifter
God's love is greater than any sin or failure. Psalm 51 @GFCCraig Winning The Battles That Matter Most @HalMayer
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Harvey Mackay: 5 traits that management guru Warren Bennis said all great leaders need - The Business Journals
I caught you... | Leader Lifter
I caught you... | Leader Lifter
Blind spots blind you to yourself: 4 Ways to Eliminate Blind Spots
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#Repost from @gfctampa with @repostapp --- Join us this weekend as Pastor Craig gives us practical advice on how to fight against the things that hold us back. #gfctampa #gfcwaters #gfcvandyke #gfctempleterrace
Fresh Leadership | LeadToday
The Power and Freedom of Focus | Leadership Freak
I caught you... | Leader Lifter
You either suffer the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Pick a side.
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Good questions outrank easy answers. -Paul Samuelson
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