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Hal Mayer
Leaders Leave Last | Leader Lifter
There’s no cosmetic surgery for poverty of character. #MinglingofSouls
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Bruce Lee on success, "The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”
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DON'T FORGET! Tomorrow is the last day to receive the BEST rate for East 2015! Register now at #churchplanting
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The people you lead directly always applaud you a little less than those who know you less well. via @cnieuwhof
The leader who places himself above his team eventually has no team. via @cnieuwhof
Causing your own stress? 10 Ways Ldrs Increase Stress Unnecessarily
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• BE STRONG — when you are weak. • BE BRAVE — when you are scared. • BE HUMBLE — when you are victorious.
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"Forgiveness is a design by God, Remembering is a flaw of Man." ~Pastor Dante
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You must listen to Rick Warren's message on Marriage at the
Check this out... "Cool church isn't nearly as powerful as authentic church. via @cnieuwhof
Time for a Tradition!!!
What do you think? The Two Faces of Leadership - Jesse Lyn Stoner
*new* Tim Stevens on building a positive team culture in your church. // read and comment?
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This just in #UK basketball is ranked #1 and #2 in the country. Platoon 1 is #1 Platoon 2 is #2. They should meet for the championship
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Whenever you introduce change, few people will be excited about it as you are.…
Defeat is temporary; surrender makes permanent. #Leadership
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When we feel out of balance in life, we need to center ourselves. Jesus is literally the center of everything in...
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✔ Sweaty? ✔ Sore? ✔ Tired? Good. It's working.
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One day you're the best thing since sliced bread. The next, you're toast.
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RT~@marcmilitello People who don't make mistakes end up working for those who do
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1 week to receive the best rate for #exponential East 2015! Rates change 12/19! Register at #churchplanting
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You shouldn't get angry at people for not following a vision you never told them about. via @cnieuwhof
"There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still." -- Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Conversational Bible study happens best in a group when the group leader talks little allowing the group to talk much.
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I love the laugh! @1aupdike
Sitting in a meeting- listening to new social media strategy. What do u reccomend.
Vision without execution is hallucination... Edison
Unleashing Your Creativity: 17 Tips For Tapping I... | ClickHole
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Now that makes sense
Define, Align, and Refine for a Culture that Works | Blanchard LeaderChat
10 Reasons Why You Don't Have Momentum
She is praying, "Dear Lord, help my grandpa get here safe. And Lord have him bring icecream too. "
She is praying, "Dear Lord, help my grandpa get here safe. And Lord have him bring icecream too. "
"The more indespensible you are the weaker the organization becomes." @AndyStanley. Hmmm. new leadership thought
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Wow... 7 Habits of Chronically Unhappy People| Tamara Star |
CNLP 011: Overcoming Discouragement, Dissatisfaction and Overwhelm in Leadership - Pete Wilson - Carey Nieuwhof
4 Ways Leaders Effectively Manage Employee Conflict
Listening to Understand
The Single Best Way to Lead Change in a Very Traditional, Old or Resistant Setting - Carey Nieuwhof
Seth's Blog: The problem with problems