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Hate that all these teenagers think they're badasss, throwing devil horns, bet they have no idea who started them, or when!! Dumb fucks!
I'm going to be in trouble again
no matter what i do, i always forget to forget you
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My mother makes me want to literally fucking pull my hair out.
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I hate them so much!
Switched it up again....
I wanna take a nap
Dancin' with molly, we love to party
&Then I'll move far, far away and never come back. The end.
I'm pretty sure my life would be 99.9% better if I didn't have to deal with her.
I resent my mother more than anything.
I can't wait for mumma to get back todayyyy
If I ignore you, you'll disappear. Right?
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I'm so nervous for volleyball thou
I can always count on my mom. Not.
I hate this town.
I just hate this time in my life. I don't hate my life because life is beautiful, i just hate this part.
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"@ThatOneGoodVibe: I just hate this time in my life. I don't hate my life because life is beautiful, i just hate this part.">>>
been trying hard not to get into trouble but I've got a war in my mind.
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Whatever happened to romance, surprises, cute date nights. That kind of stuff. I swear that stuff left before our generation.
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I used to believe that there was at least a little bit of good in everybody but you changed that for me
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I always feel so alone
even when we want to tell the world how much we're hurting it's odd that we still do our best to pretend like nothing is bothering us
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it's pretty simple. if it makes you happy, do it. and if it does, don't let anyone tell you that you're doing it wrong.
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I'm never happy anymore
Lol what's a relationship thou
Hashtag team no life
All I ever do is watch Netflix
Forever waiting to be followed by Hunter Moore
Seriously thou, I want Hunter Moore to follow me
RETWEET if you want me to follow you!
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