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Have you heard about this new social network dedicated to beer lovers? It's called the bar. #ItsMillerTime
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He reached for his pistol, but it was just a waste Because my nine millimeter, was up against his face
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It's like getting two birds stoned at once
Satya nadella is Microsoft CEO, Bill gates his wingman...
Fuck all yall red hot chili peppers made the halftime show enjoyable
Papa John is coming in as QB for the Broncos
The Seahawks are working hard for their Illuminati membership.
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"Ed, Edd n Eddy” is Cartoon Network’s longest running series and the show attracted an audience of 31 million households in 120 countries.
@Azael_Perez3: Happy birthday to my dude @ducidni 😌�” siccccckkkkk! Thanx Azael!
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Single on Valentines Day? Go to the gym, library, bar, or any other public event. Everyone else there will be single too.
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If she's still ugly after 7 drinks... Give up
When does the line up for @Electric_Forest come out!?!?!
In the first scene of "Jaws," the girl attacked is screaming in real pain. The harness broke her hip as she was dragged through the water.
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"Atlanta's highways are back up for miles due to ice"... Bitch throw some salt on it and you'll be fine #Wisconsinite
One thing welding taught me was how fucking angry I can get!
Darrell, from the reality show "Storage Wars" once found a plastic-wrapped human corpse in a storage locker.
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You can break any law at night because the cops are asleep.
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It's times like these that I wish humans hibernated.
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There's only one person you spend your whole life with.. Yourself
Back in my days I'd have to walk uphill both ways to school in this weather
Just made 200 dollars Cash in 2days!
My guess speaker is fine as hell!!!! Please just teach this class
When white girls act black😂😂