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Bye my old hair.
yasalam "@venusvicky_: Smpek pipi lu abis waks :D "@yulkueen"
samisami /kisseu/"@venusvicky_: Makaassehhh suyungg :* "@yulkueen"
Cium balik nih"@venusvicky_: Muuuuachhh :* "@yulkueen"
ay ay its a red light light haha
Andaikan ya "@minglvoe: Andaikan tiket ss6 bisa dibayar pake uang monopoli....."
Parah nih SM lagi pengen bikin tekor duit fans. Sadis.
World of kpop so blindingly beautiful
Adakalanya politikus harus eksis"@venusvicky_: WakakakakkAkakakakk :D "@yulkueen"
Elegant maknae "@KpopersINDRoom: Kesan pertama kalian melihat seohyun? #KIRKesanpertama"
omg chest and neck Taemin's sexy tattooed, its so.......
Already I guess, most girls will say like this "@preciousminho99: @yulkueen yes, of course, he's prettier than me...."
Did you ever think that boy this one prettier and sweeter than you? XD @preciousminho99
CONTINUE! RT @RunningManTeam: Describe Running Man in ONE WORD ^^~
Suho n d.o will introduce the song jonghyun creation…
Jonghyun twitter update with celery lmao
my fandom never give u for judgement, why do u like it? They voice good, not like ur voice who like degrading other idol. absorb it exofans!
because they idol cannot like you @realjonghyun90 so they give u a judgement
to that exostan who keeps on degrading Jjong/ SHINee's talent& popularity. Reminder: KARMA have been fcking you for quite sometime now smh..
Retweeted by Gabrieliu
don't mind the chirping sound CHEAP FANS who like to say ur voice isn't like reality @realjonghyun90
"@rebecca_bebex: Krystal chose Jessica as airport fashion king."