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Nigga had to cancel that bitch like Nino.
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Those females who get in a relationship 1-2 weeks after their previous one ended was makin side moves with that nigga while she had a nigga.
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In college you learn that doing your laundry is 100x better than doing it on the weekends.
@_chocolatdoll: Avi 💋” my sis is so beautiful 😻👯
Today is a perfect day to do laundry 😁
Cause I'm up right now and you stuck right now girl how bout now
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No classes for me today 😴
Online shopping... How could you resist.
Topshop has student discounts 😬
Missing the Knicks game tonight 😔💔
My roommate is cool and all... But she needs to chill on this Spanish music. It really gets annoying after a while 😑
Whenever I plan on going to bed early it never happens 😑
Dem Hood Abilities 😂 @OfficalKingZeuss: WAKA GOT FUCKING🐰⬆️”
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Some hot chocolate rn would be nice.
Sounds good.
Wanna go to sleep and wake up back home for the summer. Fast forward through this school year.
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Can't wait for this week to be over already.
@WizardKelly__: Drake the best out rn” he was always the best out..
Bad bitches is the only thing that I like.
@LONDONFARROH: How bout now ?”
@kunyewezt: wen sum1 askz u how ur diets goin” he really did that with his hand 😂
@YourAnonGlobal: #US blamed for being behind #Ebola crisis” lol I knew it.
You ain't fuck with me back then but how about now? Cus I'm up right now 😎
Views from the 6 is about to be 🔥
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I can't wait for views from the 6
You make me so happy bae 💕@Drakee
Okay I should get up 😩
Why did I just set myself up 😂
Covering a shift tmm 💀
I don't even know what my GPA is 😐😭 I'll just hope for the better 😅
Tf is the hold up 😩
The fact that none of my professors put in my grades for anything scares me 😳
Jhene Aiko x Wrap Me Up
@SidneyCezil: @SLMJMXE we're making it official 💍 idc 😂” honestly 😩😂
Never realized how much 12 sized font actually helps until now 😐
@ohthatscreme: are you happy or are you settling ?”
I'm doing everything BUT this essay 😑
Ehhh I don't feel like doing emojis anymore lol
♍️💯 hey gurrrrrrl 😁💕