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Gyashka Manilall
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definitely me today and probably me for the next 4 months
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that look u give ur friend when ur teacher says "pick a partner"
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Ariana Grande is so overrated. If I wanted to watch a little Mexican girl sing I'd watch Dora The Explorer.
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Nominations to post a baby picture on instagram??¿? White girls literally find any excuse to post pictures nowadays.
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Ahhhhhh f it....everyones a good friend....two words is enough
why does my body keep producing acne why can’t you focus on more important things like growing wings or making me hot
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Writing peer messages for matric farewell at midnight....ive determined that everyone is funny and kindhearted
If your neighbours play loud music at midnight during exam time....i think its okay to throw rocks at their windows...big rocks....boulders
Taking an online epidemics class with harvard this holiday....why? #idontknow
Physics paper 2....2 broke girls...i have no idea what my priorities are...fml
I love it when people comment something controversial ....wait for an arguament and then say "you're taking it too seriously" lol wth troll
Does my coolness factor decrease if i actually like some of taylor swifts music 😂
Dont get twitter if u aint gona tweet ? Ur account is as pointless as the new iPhone bending feature...
Zombievers is honestly the weirdest movie i've ever watched XD
Everytime i think about university, the sadder i get, cant go where i wana go, can go where i dont want to go #college #dilemnas
I honestly dont understand people that take longer than 5 minutes to reply when online, coz at most you're probz speakin to 5 peeps so wth?
tbh people who ignore your texts when your trying to work things out are so childish
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if traveling was free you'd never see me again
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That awkward eye contact with somebody who used to mean the world to you.
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Dont go breakin my dreams its just my fantasy of what could possibly be ....but it wont be
All Minivans act like they got something to prove.
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Everything seems better and happier at 2am #onlygoodthingaboutstudying
Lol my grades are more doomed than dexters laboratory right now....#school #exams #dexter
Singing in the shower helps boost your immunity, lower your blood pressure, reduce stress, and improve your mood.
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I cant handle physics right now bruh...waayyy too much
Phone needs like a 200mb update....ugh and the weather is bad...slow internet #worstnightmare
Pieces of me - Ashlee Simpson #oldtunes #stillawesome # socatchy <3 #singstarsongs XD
"@lnsaneTweets: me with friends: 10/10 would bang me with family: what's a boy" #indianproblems
me with friends: 10/10 would bang me with family: what's a boy
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I support gary rights coz i have friends and family that are gary XD XD XD #garyrights
Ohhh its as if u know me better than i never knew myself...i love how you can tell
The spaces between my fingers are right where yours fits perfectly...
Parents wana move to cape town, i aint even applying to uct anymore XD goodbye dream school, parents tore us apart #ineedmyspace
Never finish my bio exam honestly who sets like a 10 page exam with an essay for 2.5 hours #wtf
Getting back into the 2007-2010 RnB <3
i wish i could just press the restart button on some people
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