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New Model Update - Neck Carve: Hi guys, Been busy for a bit, but thought you might like to hear about the next...
Beautiful Oak & Vintage Inspired Guitar Stands/Rack from £125… via @GuitaristGuild @stand_made
Presenting Bordello Guitars..a custom handmade guitar for a realistic price… via @GuitaristGuild @BordelloGuitars
Re: New Site Selling Inexpensive Guitar Pedals & Accessories: Great looking site. Good luck with the business....
Dexeter - Slow It Down (Official Video): via @YouTube
Re: New Site Selling Inexpensive Guitar Pedals & Accessories: This is a great idea! Can I wish you the very be...
Rock your bank holiday weekend with us live in #Leigh - Sat 23rd The Brewery - Sun 24th The Musketeer @PJHGuitars @GuitaristGuild @JLI1982
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New Site Selling Inexpensive Guitar Pedals & Accessories: Hey everyone, my name's Mark and I run Spartan Music...
Re: Epiphone LP or Vintage V100?: I've had a few students using the Vintage, including adults who could easily...
#guitar players!! Join the discussion on when it's best to record guitar on a track!! @GuitaristGuild is the place...…
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@GuitaristGuild TY for checking out our RVB page - much appreciated. We need to learn more about SoundCloud.
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@glass_lantern I guess they also get put off because it's free advertising, think there's a catch. There isn't one, it's free, and it works
@GuitaristGuild Wow! This seems to have been read 250 times already!! ;-)
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@glass_lantern Thanks, I guess that's proof that if people post, then they get seen. They don't know what they're missing, do they. ;)