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At the moment, I might be Lost within the path I chose, but that doesn't mean it was the wrong path! #NoHashtagNeeded #ThatOneDoesntCount
I don't like to think before I speak, I like to be just as surprised as everyone else by what comes out of my mouth! #Rebel
Let me get this straight ... You can pee without taking a dump but you can't take a dump without peeing? #OkayThen
You think I don't know what you've done ... I know I'm Not The Only One ... #SamSmith
@casperrasper Correction: A Funny Legend :)
@casperrasper Just realised! You are a Legend! Thank you!
I'd rather have an enemy admitting to their hatred for me than a backstabber mirroring themselves as a friend ... #realest
One day I'm gonna put on a costume saying "Life" and start handing out Lemons just to see if you'll do what you said you would with them!
@casperrasper Cassie! You need to follow me just because you can!
Can't get enough of the new single by @JessieJ @ArianaGrande and @NICKIMINAJ #BangBang
Would you believe these places exist? #followme
Psychic phenomena or Not?
This world is so guarded and full of fear that rawness of a person becomes the most beautiful thing ...
I'm all about the bass, all that bass ... No treble! #Love #NoHate
#ImSingleBecause I have a low tolerance for bullshit!
Just gotta love Pop Culture! #PopCulture #MyBitch
Thanx for all of you who liked my FB page so far, the love and support is felt! ...
Normally I wouldn't ask for this but would you guys be so kind as to go and like my FB page? . If not, that's ok too!
What others think of you has nothing to do with you so keep your head held high and your middle finger higher! #unstoppable
Seems like I took this photo with a potato #PotatoSelfie
I appologise for nothing ... The heart wants what the hearts wants ... #life #hearts
@AnnaKendrick47 is one of very few celebs worth following ... Much Legendary, Such Funny...