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Barack Obama welcomes report saying fighting climate change can be low cost
Richard III died in battle after losing helmet, new research shows
Are you stressing out your cat? How to spot the signs
Texas proposes rewriting school text books to deny manmade climate change
Scientists name ancient flying reptile after Avatar creatures
Nasa will 'miss goal to find 90% of nearby potentially dangerous asteroids'
Recreational divers enlisted in research on elusive Australian porcupine ray
Landing on a comet: animation of Rosetta's mission - video
India scents victory in Asian space race to Mars
Rosetta's probe may land 500 metres from jets that produce comet's tail
Revolutionary diving suit to be used at site of 'world's oldest computer' find
Rosetta's mission impossible on comet 67P – interactive graphic
The 97% vs. the 3% – just how much global warming are humans causing? | Dana Nuccitelli
Five sigma and all that | Jon Butterworth | Life & Physics
Too many science PhDs? Not if unis train them for career outside academia
Comet landing site announced by Rosetta mission team
Comet landing site announced - boulders and cliffs among hazards facing Philae lander on 11 Nov
The climate debate must include nuclear | @guardianletters
The Guardian view on the unchanging message from climate scientists | Editorial
Odd inventions: meet the man behind the plant pot umbrella
Andy Sullivan hits hole-in-one at KLM Open to earn trip into space
The Incredible Unlikeliness of Being review – a masterful account of why our bodies are the way they are
Why the story of materials is really the story of civilisation
New to nature No 134: Campsicnemus popeye
So you think you know where babies come from?
Zoos weigh up the costs of China's 'pandanomics'
Climate crimes: Naomi Klein on greenwashing big business
This column will change your life: the importance of temporal landmarks
The British brain surgeon who joined the fight against corruption in Ukraine
if you can't be bothered with going to Norway, the Northern lights might appear over the UK tonight:
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Northern lights may put on a show over the UK tonight
Northern lights may put on a show over the UK tonight
Superbugs meet their match in rapid genome sequencing
Countdown’s Rachel Riley on learning to love maths
Can we make ourselves more intelligent?
"So the advice “don’t feed the trolls” is not only bad, but misguided."
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Comment sections are poison: handle with care or remove them | Tauriq Moosa
Crystals, crazy paving and classification systems - blogs roundup
Twin solar storms arrive at Earth
Breakthrough in rapid diagnostics: using magnets to test for malaria
What Stonehenge needs is a tidy-up | Simon Jenkins
Encouraged to speak up, then called 'precious petals' when we do. That's Australian science | Upulie Diviseker...
Twin solar storms arrive at Earth