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Paralysed man Darek Fidyka walks again after pioneering surgery
Belief in the supernatural - our fun-spoiling Halloween special podcast:… w/ @chriscfrench @jourdemayne
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Understanding Quantum Tunnelling. it plays a role in nuclear fusion, chemical reactions & the fate of the universe.
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Spider in shopping is "beautiful but aggressive" says head of inverts at @zsllondonzoo…
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Venomous spider found in Waitrose shopping 'beautiful but aggressive' | David Clarke, London Zoo
Must the Anthropocene be a Manthropocene? | Kate Raworth
To celebrate #smInfoAge opening on Friday, we're sharing 5 of the greatest inventions in communication this week…
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First act of sexual intercourse ‘was done sideways, square-dance style’ via @guardian
Astronaut Chris Hadfield's amazing photos from space
Google Doodle forgets to celebrate Christopher Wren the man of science | Rebekah Higgitt
Tractor beam the ‘holy grail for laser physicists’
Information Age: the Science Museum's ambitious new gallery
Halloween special: the science of scary apparitions – podcast
Funding cuts leave Earth with blind spot for potentially catastrophic comets
Comet Siding Spring skims close to Mars after million-year journey
Could you be on the National Quiz Team? Take their fiendishly difficult quiz ...
First act of sexual intercourse ‘was done sideways, square-dance style’
Bear bites arm off boy, 9, at Chinese zoo
Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime review – the grisly evolution of swab justice
Rebecca Newberger Goldstein: ‘I do think that science is our best answer, but I think it takes a philosophical...
Understanding Quantum Tunnelling | Jon Butterworth | Life & Physics
Comet Siding Spring set to have rare near miss with Mars
Edzard Ernst: outspoken professor of complementary medicine
Humble spud poised to launch a world food revolution
Caw vs. Kraa: meaning in the calls of crows and ravens | @GrrlScientist
Why I don’t breastfeed – if you must know
Secrets from the Sky review – touring King Arthur’s castle … by drone
Brain baloney has no place in the classroom… @PeteEtchells riffing on recent study
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Space talk: Ann Leckie and Caleb Scharf – books podcast
Panic! Killer virus Ebola is on the loose! – video
HIV prevention pill is at hand, but will it be left untaken?
New books party: Books that arrived recently | @GrrlScientist
Badger cull set to fail for second year running
Who owns the moon? | Saskia Vermeylen
Explosive stuff: Fizzy soft drinks may be linked to accelerated DNA ageing
Hey, @NatRevNeurosci, wouldn't it be great if you dropped the paywall for this paper:…
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Consensus, chemical signals and colouring by letters - blogs roundup
IPCC corrects claim suggesting climate change would be good for the economy
Brain baloney has no place in the classroom | Pete Etchells
I learned to stuff animals on a taxidermy course
Learning how to be a taxidermist – in pictures
Why there are too many women doctors, women MPs, and women bosses
How to make a cup of tea for an academic
Staffordshire hoard research reveals secret of Anglo-Saxon ‘gold’
Has Lockheed Martin really made a breakthrough in nuclear fusion technology?
Sugary soft drinks may be linked to accelerated DNA ageing – study
Scientists may have detected dark matter streaming from the sun's core…
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Physicists may have discovered dark matter — streaming from that really bright shiny non-dark thing in the sky…
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Animation shows comet's close encounter with Mars - video
This is so cool! “@guardianscience: Virtual reality can help people conquer their phobias | David Cox
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