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Nigel Agurang
Just a heads up, neither "ctrl+c" nor "ctrl+v" can be used on gdocs on ms edge. I thought my keyboard went Sisa-Basilio. :OO
The feels when your 8 case studies are now officially over!
"If you wanna fly, I'm not gonna hold your feet to the ground. I'm gonna be the one to push you off the cliff."
Now I'm stuck between phrases. Thinking what to recommend! =//
Just one more case study then "I had a great time" time with BA101 already!
Hirap maghanap ng free solmans online =//
So unprepared for exam laterrrr :OO
sarado pa kanina dorm paguwi ko so napa 🎶 Hello from the outside , I must[ve called a thousand times🎶 lang naman.
Ang bilis ko madistract. One minute I'm studying suddenly youtube-ing random vids, then magugulat na lang ako nagtwitwitter na ako. :((
ang sweet mo naman @msmarveles hehe =))
That's it! I'm going to eat alone!
Wants to eat like lots and loads of fries and pizzas right now. I don't crave these food this much as much as I don't incognito.
Nasa sched kong kelangan makadalawang SET ako today. Ok. Game. Face. On.
nakaubos akong 5 cupcakes and 3 sandwiches pagising ko just now. gutom pa ako.
ngayon pa narealize ng roommate ko na ang halay ng kantang Worth It. ftw.
ohem isa isa ng nagliliparan roommates ko for APEC vacay. Ako nganga.
nkklk roommate ko di ko na macontain.
dont tell me pinuyatan ko now maling presentation huhu
So icacram ko tong report ko sa sts mamaya. Yan tayo e. :OO
Kung di lang mabagal si DilNet, mkakatulog sana ako tonight diba. Streesss.
di pa rin kumukupas si "The Green Mile" sa taste ko =)))
Pati na rin pala si Bonnie killer na ang aura huhubells
Ito pala yun hp😁😁
Uso na ngayon mag move on kahit hindi naging kayo.
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Ang init po sa mainlib #ARTE
@glennagurang Here s a memento of your stress-free face before we plunge into hellmonth November. #how2BU. 😂❤h
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manglike kog tweets kay gaenjoy kos new like button haha #tagaw
Lol bago na pala "like" button dito. Lol again, lahat ng buttons pala sa every tweet. Lol again and again ano pa bang ibang bago dito.
Yung tipong di mo alam pano tatapusin paper mo. Wait, d mo nga alam pano simulan in the first place e.
Pano ba kasi gawan ng paper isang topic na di pa naman diniscuss. BA 141 feels.
Nakakaumay basahin si 182 pls. Or ako lang ba ganito :OO
Wearing headphones do not make your farts silent.
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Bad news: Di holiday sa UP bukas, i.e., may pasok :( Good news: Wala akong class bukas :)
Pajama party laterrrr then horror movie marathon!! No doubt Yakal R.H keeps everyone aliveeee! Party partyyy!
chinat ko si crush kooo! Whooo! Confidence! =)))
The worst feeling is when someone makes you feel special, then suddenly leaves you hanging, and you have to act like you don't care at all.
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sang chapter na pala tayo sa 141? And may exercise ba bukas? :) @miryumburger @mannyogee @foreverwenzy ty :)
What everybody is playing recently. :OO Adele - Hello via @YouTube
Nawalan akong gana pumasok todayy. Unproductive to the highest level day.
Twitter doesn't give me enough characters for this so had to tweet it like this.
nganong delayed ning notifs sa twitter? :OO
I am so famous. Ikr *flips hair* Let's just not talk its content tho. :))
Played a horror movie. *After 3 mins of watching* Murag gusto na lang ko magcomedy movie. Hasula. haha
The fu**s Sembreak Moments 101? Wala kaming ganyan.
Now I'm not sure what to grieve more, loosing my phone which I had for the entire 2 long years or knowing my 114 standing.

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