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Angel Renel Yu
「Still no costume for Halloween.」
「Suite life for me for the next few days.」
「Dang! Terminal full of people and crazy-long lines. Stuck at SM for now. Will have to wait for it to pass.」
「No ideas are coming.」
「I know i'm late but, #NowWatching Naruto Movie: The Last.」
「See what happens when you overachieve?」
「It would be amusing to have a cellphone jammer. 」
「Who are we? What is our purpose? Where are we heading to? There are just three of the most basic questions about life.」
「Alone time! Maybe I should reflect upon the mysteries of the universe.」
「The Splurge!!!」
「History is most often written by the victors. How much do we really know?」
「I foresee #walangpasok tomorrow.」
「I really love how #Twitter is basically just YOU talking to yourself.」
「Humans aren't prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.」
「Imagination. Such a powerful thing.」
「Isn’t it creepy that from the day you are born you start to die?」
「Cookies & Creme Flavored Oreos? That's like Oreo-flavored Oreos! xD」
「Without fighting there would be no friendship. But with friendship there is no fighting. This is how you manipulate hearts.」
「It's just Monday and the day's far from over.」
「Uh-oh. What's this? Many people are unlucky and unfortunate today.」 #UnluckyDay #Monday
「Dihydrogen Monoxide」
「Nice is different than good.」
「77 days before Christmas!」 #CountDown
「50% IDK and 50% IDC.」
「Your future self is watching you right now through memories.」
「Time is an illusion.」
「People who say good words aren't necessarily good people.」
「Last day of workshop. Not the last day of my vacation though.」
「October 1st!!!」
「I'm too early I guess.」
「Currently in some sort of Gender Sensitivity and Gender Fair Language Workshop.」
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「Trolli Gummy Worms are becoming smaller and smaller...」
「To avoid being robbed, own nothing at all. To avoid murder, die right now.」
「Chill mode for the rest of the week~」
「What the?! The next episode of Durarara x2 is on January next year.」 #Anime #Durarara #Saika
「Why is it so humid? So hot right now.」
「The long weekend's over again. I have something to look forward to next week though.」
「What to watch next? Hmm...」

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