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Greyson Chance
physicshurtsmybrain. thank God rehearsals are later... and #whereismylight?¿
this time i have a radiohead tee
I fantasized bout this backinChicago
im just gonna focus on PLANETX. because at the end of the day, that's some shit i believe in; the concept of it all.
and if U don't like it, you can kindly shut the door behind you (but don't slam it, my ears are sensitive)
i created a concept that i believe in and was inspired by sounds of old and new and used them to create something unique
lolz to the people saying that I am "not being myself" with this new music. this new music IS ME.
I have determined that my dog is Wall-E. He shares all his personality traits.
#ThrillaInManila just passed 100k streams on SoundCloud! 'Thrilled' you all like the song. Makes me smile. #PLANETX…
the lovely crew at .@peoplemag featured #ThrillaInManila in their September issue! go buy a copy at your local newsstand!!!
.@audramae hello fellow edmon(d)'ite. just listened to your voice on 'luxury' and got to say i am obsessed w/ the song! killing it as always
The September Issue of #AHourOfNewMusic is up and public on my Spotify! featuring lots of PRINCE and some really nicedirty beats. Check it!
"ART"isperspective. COOL =whatever you want it to be
to all those saying that they are not creative, i challenge you to create something on VIDEOSTAR. even if it's shit, it doesn't matter!!!
after watching, i remember feeling very confident and it reminded me that if you are determined you can do anything.
a friend recommended me to watch joan rivers' documentary after i got dropped by interscope ; thought it was a strange recommendation
hahaha some weird trippy shit is always fun to create. this app is awesome! i encourage you to download and build. there is so much you can do!!!
LETSgetCREATIVE. Download the Video Star App and create a film to the rhythm of #THRILLAINMANILA I'm making one now!!
im so excited for the future !! and PLANETX . #THRILLAINMANILA is just the beginning guys; some crazy sounds are coming your way!!
these beheadings are extremely scary. just goes to show the evil that resides on this Earth. I continue to pray every night for some peace.
I'm so ready for ART OFFICIAL AGE and PLECTRUMELECTRUM!!! PRINCE is the homie for ever!!!
just realized Homogenic is reaching its 20th birthday in only 3 short years. maybe Björk wants to film a doc... I could direct? pipe dreams?
I have to be a #THRILLA in school. How much longer til 18??
oh so close to 100k on SoundCloud. Can we do it guys? #ThrillaINManila
if you are feeling the need for a smile this afternoon watch this...… #THRILLAINMANILA
.@Clau_panquesita this is amazing!!! i can't stop watching. they killed it; fly funky Asian ladies. RETWEET forever!
Greyson Chance Thrilla in Manila DANCE REMIX #Pla…:, I love this, i would like to dance like that!! @greysonchance
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#ALSiceBUCKETchallenge thank you for my nominations... I now challenge everyone who is reading this intergalactic message to take part in the fun. U have 24 hours... or get off your rich ass and pay the fee.
since i have arrived back in the USA; enjoy this photo edited from inside PLANETX. isn't it keeewwwll
also - to all the musical geniuses out there! CHORDS are G min 7 -- F maj 7 -- C min 7 -- B flat maj 7 SEND ME YOUR COVERS!!! #THRILLA
70k on @SoundCloud !! it just keeps growing and growing and growing #THRILLAINMANILA