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Greyson Chance
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if you are feeling the need for a smile this afternoon watch this...… #THRILLAINMANILA
.@Clau_panquesita this is amazing!!! i can't stop watching. they killed it; fly funky Asian ladies. RETWEET forever!
Greyson Chance Thrilla in Manila DANCE REMIX #Pla…:, I love this, i would like to dance like that!! @greysonchance
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#ALSiceBUCKETchallenge thank you for my nominations... I now challenge everyone who is reading this intergalactic message to take part in the fun. U have 24 hours... or get off your rich ass and pay the fee.
since i have arrived back in the USA; enjoy this photo edited from inside PLANETX. isn't it keeewwwll
also - to all the musical geniuses out there! CHORDS are G min 7 -- F maj 7 -- C min 7 -- B flat maj 7 SEND ME YOUR COVERS!!! #THRILLA
70k on @SoundCloud !! it just keeps growing and growing and growing #THRILLAINMANILA
.@Live4Music9713 i support this and encourage it
in other news though, keep on listening to Thrilla in Manila and escaping off to the mothaship. Promote that shit!! and keep dancing
excuse my absent from the twittersphere. i am having too much fun on this island.
It's almost 4 am, I am 17, and I am about to be on a plane.
Really exciting song from @greysonchance - the lil dude that performed on Ellen. He's grown up & making pop jams.
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and to clarify... .@branniganlynch .@jasonlipshutz i am not a human, i am in fact a badass robot from space that wears cheap clothes
thanks to at .@branniganlynch and .@jasonlipshutz for talking about THRILLA IN MANILA on Billboard's podacast!…
New @greysonchance "Thrilla in Manila" killer beats, catchy lyrics, you'll love it we promise!
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