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seriously how is uwu an emoticon it looks NOTHING like a face
off to not so willingly subject myself to a routine stabbing aka a blood test
antiques roadshow is such a great show
#MarriedAtFirstSight is so ridiculous but that's not gonna stop me watching it
leave my video to buffer for 3 hours and get 4 minutes out of it, this is the sort of thing that drives youngsters to a life of crime
i haven't taken a selfie in almost 24 hours i think this is a new record
who needs sleep??? me probably
why would you pay to climb Everest? it's an overpriced death wish, find a less expensive mountain half the size and climb it twice
i probably should've given the black lipstick a miss too
i wish time travel existed so i could tell my younger self to NEVER wear pink mascara in public or at all for that matter
literally just hopped on my bike and cycled down to the beach at super speed to meet barney
omfg i look absolutely terrible but idc LOOK IT'S BARNEY
i get way too excited when someone on tv has the same name as me
my duvet is coming out of its cover send help
not texting back is only okay when I do it
Retweeted by Greta is obviously jealous of my good looks keep your face science away from me
"teenage years are the best years of your life" you mean it gets worse
Retweeted by Greta
thank you random app i linked twitter with for spamming my followers with multiple pictures of my face i really needed that
until i was fifteen i had no idea bill murray and tom hanks were two separate people and i still have my doubts
me and Tia chillin'
the sun has literally no consideration i thought we were friends why would you burn my skin
girls, don't let a guy treat you like a yellow starburst u are a pink starburst
Retweeted by Greta
my brother named a bacteria after me #flattered
speed is the most unrealistic film YOU SHOULD ALL BE DEAD why do keanu reeves' stupid plans work every time
jfc i have so many farmville requests from one person idc about your withering crops i want a restraining order
just witnessed my brother injure himself with an egg
my sock is trapped in a zip looks like I'll have to chew my leg off to break free
pasta is my best friend
watching bee movie this is a work of genius
if i were in charge i would make it the law that everyone has to shave off their eyebrows apart from me
oh it's friday 13th? i refuse to adhere to these silly superstitions now excuse me while i bolt the doors and board up the windows
@gretagroovy it's a horror movie greta, some throats have to get sliced
Retweeted by Greta
...aaaand she "sliced his throat" with a butter knife
so my sister's making her own "horror movie"...
lookin good @james_c1998
if you ate a lettuce still growing in the ground would that be the same as going into a field and taking a bite out of a live cow
when @jcmouse8 tells you he'd kill you to win the Triwizard Tournament </3
#ReplaceFamousQuoteWithDude Dad's a muggle Mam's a dude Bit of a nasty shock for him when he found out
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When your mum always asks you who's going whenever you go out
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