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chillin' in Liverpool #liverpool
#selfie #girl #me #face
today was fun #airfield #glider #motorglider #flying
woo #fish #highlightofmyday
off to college, can you see the excitement in my face? #ugh
a symphony of alarms are going off upstairs
"It's time for an eye exam. Read the letters." Drake sits down, reading. "T, U, V" He stutters, "X." A stream of tears falls to his satchel.
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i miss the Jonas Brothers
apparently i can't take selfies without being rudely interrupted
what a cute blob
Being shocked and appalled when your best friend went and held someone else's hand when you were asked to get into pairs to walk to assembly
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should probably be doing homework rn, oh well
i am 18 in under a month when do i get my adult face??? i'm beginning to get concerned
had a stress test in psychology, 300 points and there's like an 80% chance of illness, i scored 575 lmao
When your mom tells you to wash the dishes
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you can never have too many brunch bars
felt bad about paying for just a coffee with a £20 note today in college so i bought all the brunch bars because i didn't want to be rude
my selfie was invaded
i feel victimised by my tutors this is way too much work for one tiny person
sooo much college work and no motivation to start it, was it seriously necessary to set this many essays at the start of the year???
i like to express my anger towards people by making them on Sims and setting them on fire, they'll never know but at least i feel better
ugh i am absolutely shattered, it's been such a busy week
i made @ginger_alex_69 a flower crown
Spending half your life worrying that people think you're shoplifting
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thanks @AlexJon71277889 for cheering me up a bit it was a good evening :)
According to the Baby Centre email newsletter I apparently got signed up to, I'm now 15 weeks pregnant and my baby is the size of an apple.
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typical me I got lost for half an hour on the first day, circled the college 3 times but apart from that it wasn't bad
What are you talking about; of course I have a boyfriend!!?! *whispers* On The Sims...
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"Trick or treat!" "No tricks, kids. Just treat her right," Drake says. He hands them an apple each and returns to his armchair.
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my step dad is head bopping to call me maybe
Apparently someone down the road called 'Bernard' signed for my package and now I have to collect it 😨 I'd rather move house.
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my eyeliner is perfect today - a small feat in an otherwise disastrous week
i got a personalised bottle because i couldn't live with the fact that my name wasn't included #shareacoke #greta
get onto my brother's twitter for a minute and all i can think of to write is "I like eating poo" this is why i don't fare well in exams
and my face is "rancid" apparently lmao
"i didn't notice it 'til you pointed it out but now it looks terrible" a lovely comment from my sister about my hair loss
i used to think that noses made humans look ugly so I'd draw everyone without a nose to make a statement about my extreme hatred for them
i could not be more terrified about starting college :/
stupid coke bottles are practically welded shut
trial driving lesson went well (by well i mean i didn't injure anyone)
i wish i could ctrl alt del my problems
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"Not to worry" - Meaning: I'm bitterly disappointed and it's all your fault
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i could probably pack my bags in the middle of the night and move to mexico and no one would even notice
there is an eyelash growing on my actual eyelid i am a mutant
going broke over stationery
hm do I really need 100 ballpoint pens just because it's a bargain.. probably tbh
i got accepted on the IB despite not getting 6 B's, they liked my determination haha