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Greg Rutherford
Happiest day of my life
Louis... You remind me of a vacuous, pointless, dull, lacking in any common sense, nonsensical... where was I? #xfactor
Well this Kermit gag's never going to get dull is it? (Yes) #xfactor
Right all shut up, that hot blonde chick is on with her backing singers. #xfactor
Right after that comment Stevi to win #xfactor
This is what I wanted. The 80s night has begun #xfactor
@rugbycupcakes @GregJRutherford who is trolling you two kids? I have put my hair in a high pony and taken ma hoops oot. Ready for a rumble.
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A sex god? Simon really gets to know his acts well #xfactor
Guys. If you're going to troll me & @GregJRutherford a) make it grammatically correct, b) not about being ginger. So predictable.
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Can Simon fire Cheryl again so she pipes down a little? Or just yank that big shoulder pad down over her mic #xfactor
I very nearly sicked up dinner after that butterfly comment. WHAT ON EARTH CHERYL #xfactor
Electric shock pants...painful piles... the only logical reasons Cheryl & Mel KEEP GETTING UP #xfactor
Bad finish for the ref there. He missed at least 77 penalties #MCFCvTHFC
Hang on a bird just flew near the box... PENALTY!! And look at that, the winds picked up... PENALTY! #MCFCvTHFC
Take a look at my latest blog post on why I currently resemble Fat Bastard and what I'm excitedly waiting for...
Want to read all about my man boobs & my baby's lack of arrival (as yet)? Of COURSE you do...…
That's it. I've had enough with all the unrealistic expectations our nation's shop window dummies create for women:
If true then @FCUK are a disgrace. Get signing this this day & age, things like this shouldn't happen -…
Big, big thanks to @JoNicolePhoto for snapping our baby shower. Great to have such ace photos of a memorable day...
2/2 hats off to @danny_macaskill and @chrisakrigg for stepping up to complete the project. Go and watch it 'Road Bike Party 2'
1/2 Just watched 'Road Bike Party 2' (behind the scenes). @MartynAshton is such an inspirational guy after going through so much.
OH how my Monday night reading material has changed @Baby_London
And if Milton Keynes' weather's anything to go by, today's a day for staying in & baking... #bakeitbetter
#Bakeitbetter week is here! Like baking? Try some of the A* yum recipes at & raise essential funds for @GreatOrmondSt
@Independent: Denmark: 'We have decided that we should ban sex with animals'” I despair
@RealMilitantG: @GregJRutherford wooow three medals in about 40 years” Crap innit? Only three more than the brain cells you've collected.
@RealMilitantG: @GregJRutherford waynes a bit like you doesnt perform on the big stage” totally agree
(Via @amoozbouche) The most laughably depressing collection of DM comments on Malala winning a Nobel Peace Prize -…
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Double tweeting with excitement (second one was better I thought)
Oh looooook it's Italian Arg. Thank goodness he didn't get lost at an airport again #xfactor
Oh loooooook. It's Italian Arge #xfactor
A HUGE well done to Louis for taking this band from something good to a cheese feast pizza.. #xfactor
I defo WONT be spending this whole performance looking at the blonde girl.. #xfactor
SHE 'CAME FROM NOWHERE'. That's my ruddy tag line #xfactor
Terrible song choice in my eyes, might as well have got her to sing the alphabet #xfactor
Coming towards the end of the show and so far Lola is my fave... Can we vote off Louis though? #xfactor
Unless Ben has no hands/license I literally see no reason why Louis can't get his chuffing head around him driving a van #xfactor
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Louis nails it with his music knowledge yet again... #xfactor #dipstick
When you're more annoying than Jedward you need to give up and move on. That's a whole new level #xfactor
That's the second time I've heard Simon use the phrase "chicks"... Is it 1992 again? #xfactor
People moaning Stereo Kicks has too many band members... Sugarbabes had at least 72 #xfactor
susiejverrill's photo about to pop and looks THIS good. I'm pretty lucky :) @rugbycupcakes
Had a great catch up with my local anti-doping officer last night. He then watched me wee into a pot before heading home. #CleanSport
(Follow on from the previous tweet) I stupidly put oil on my brake rotors. After cleaning them I had to try them out and SMASH a pb
Anyone into #mtb and use #Strava then you will understand my elation of getting the KOM on one of my local trails. Blooming love it
You know you're getting way to into your hobby when you enjoy cleaning down and oiling post ride.. And that's before I start on the bike ;)