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Greg Rutherford
Lola is my fav #xfactor BY A LONG WAY
No Noooo!! If the grandad cries I'll lose it! #xfactor
I have realised the error of my previous tweet... Some of you guys are SICK!! (And very funny)
Considering her kids entered her, she knows how to perform... #xfactor
Worst thing about this 14 year old Charlie lad is that he has a deeper voice than me #xfactor
(Boring tweet) - Anyone from the fitness world know if this stuff's any good?… #Fitness #Weights #BodyPower
Only gone and got myself a mountain bike! I can see why it's addictive if you enjoy a rush... but my bum isn't loving life. Sore starfish.
Fancy munching on some delectable dishes with me? I may even chuck on something fancy...… And it's aaalll for charity!
Fancy going to dinner with me & helping out a brilliant charity? I have IMPECCABLE table manners if that helps -…
Just rediscovering my love for Christina Milian. Shame it means I have to relive my youth and listen to the music as well
I'm honoured to be nominated for European athlete of the year.… If you fancy it send a vote in :)
On this day in 2010 @GregJRutherford ran a PB over 100m of 10.26 in a race where he beat @ChristianM200! #p10throwback
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Chilli prepped for dinner & I'm snacking on some tasty @TotalGreek. If Jessica Alba walks in carrying profiteroles, today is A* standard.
Aware I'm preggers & in a straight relationship & stuff but y'know, it's nice to know if I swung for some clam then there's hotties about.
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Sat in a car with @GregJRutherford trying to work out if someone we follow on Instagram is a lesbanim. If she IS, then HEL-LOOOOO.
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While gardening me and @rugbycupcakes have saved this little fella from our dog. Anyone know if it's a vole or mouse?
Always fun getting home and then having to catch three hornets. Sadly one died, two are in glass prisons #Hornets
A man with a dolphin painted on his face asked if he could help me choose a nursing bra in Mothercare today. Anyone else?
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Had one of the best days of my life celebrating @AndrewSteele & @saspuro wedding in London. I even carried the rings!
Its amazing the amount of people who quickly look away when they see a pregnant woman standing on the train. Such chivalrous people we are
Manchester dogs home need people to temporary foster some of the dogs that survived, call 03001234999 & option 4 x Please RT. X
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If Manchester dogs home needs a foster home for any of its dogs our house is open and ready #manchesterdogshome @manchdogs
Suddenly very aware that by the time I wake up tomorrow, there'll be at least 10 foster dogs in my living room. Correct @GregJRutherford?
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Whichever sick bastard set light to Manchester Dogs Home, I hope you get your eyes gouged out in prison. Those poor dogs :(
We have set up a donations page to raise funds for Manchester Dog's Home following the fire. Please donate or share:…
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Off to the hospital with @rugbycupcakes due to stomach pains. Let's hope the little one doesn't come out just yet...
2/2 - All on the mend now though so you can expect your parcel through ASAP. Hope you're enjoying your new garms!
1/2 - Quick @GRavityGR message guys: if you haven't had your order through yet/response to email, we've had a few problems with our inbox.
"I know who you are... What's your name?" Craftily disguised there Louis. You have NO idea #xfactor
findlaysfitness's photo one of last nights pics. I'm not sure about my face or why I'm pointing
Still at the bar with@andyturner110h and @Taylored2jump now @HarryAA100m has joined us. This is going to be a long night
The prefect way to relax before a competition is laughing and @arron_crascall vine videos are hilarious. He's mental
This is a pretty good venue for an athletics meet. #Newcastle
Please can we just keep the cameras on the high jump #BBCAthletics ie. LIVE!!!
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TODAY IS THE DAY. #highjump these guys are INCREDIBLE
WHAT.... THE.... FRICK!? Did you see how high he went!? The men's high jump is the best event in the world this year