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You look so wonderful in your dress... I love your hair like that...
Run complete...! time to make music.
RT.. if you think you guys deserve another tiiiiiny peep at what we've been up to! 🔊..😝
YES @JakeQuickenden ! Heart was in my mouth!
Big thanks to @NusicMusic and MASTER TATTOOERS for sorting me out yesterday! 😝
I love you all =]
Studio session tonight :)
Why is it so hot in October! 😥
Last night. Long hair and birthday cake ! We need a haircut 😁
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Happy birthday Bone you handsome son of a gun! 😁🎈
Need FIFA 15 in my life right now 😔
Workout finished.... Bed time, night loves 😘
My body aches a bit much! Thanks for forcing me @DanFerrariLane @itsGregWest @HeatherNicol5 😒 haha Late night workouts! 💪
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@ToriKelly and @professorgreen just smashed it on Sunday brunch performong 'lullaby' ! And @ToriKelly looked so good !
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Night folks ✌️
Added a lil snippet of one of our songs over on my snapchat Mwahaha
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Don't stop me now! 👊
What's everyone up to tonight then? Watching the X?
Got something for you guys next week. 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 spread it. Like jam. 😉
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😜 RT of the end is near for you!
So time for another @thedannyosborne work out today! Barely recovered from the last one ! 😭 �#thelomaxwayay
Okay, one of those Apple watches please then Santa! 👍
So I've caught @itsGregWest out as I'd like you to see how he really speaks to me lol #filthymugoff
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Can't be bothered to get uppppp! 😴
Looking forward to a good sesh with @thedannyosborne ! 💪
Everybody had a good day? :]
Had a great day at @SoccerSix yesterday! Always great to be a part of, and ALWAYS great to see you guys! 👌x
Good day @SoccerSix Our football was only worth a medal, but still proud boys @itsGregWest @DanFerrariLane @JJClarkeMusic
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I am SO tired 😫
....anyone know what channel it's on? Or where I could stream it from ? 😁#COYSS
Come on then #SPURS ! No surprises please!
Morning! Not sleepin too well recently :( RT if this is you too!! 😩
Its always dangerous falling asleep at our place! Poor @JJClarkeMusic !
Hope everyone's happy with their GCSE results :) good luck to those who are yet to find out!! 👍