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Amy Noble
This is like the 5th night in the row I can't sleep -.-
I cant believe you got the best of me. I cant believe I trusted every word you said. Its all finally making sense..
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Seasons change but people don't
Wish I had the money for a Marc Jacobs watch
I just want to go back to uni already now
Signed into my old Hotmail account and all my old msn names popped up, I'm crying with laughter @rubberbooby or should I say Josh-chopper2k7
Selfie with pingo #penguins
High dependency A&E for my next placement, so excited I could cry #angelofdeath
Penguins #newquay #zoo
Zoo selfie #penguins #newquay
Josh treated me to lunch :) #cutie #lucky
Telling my sister to kidnap alex turner for me so we can fall in love and he can sing to me forever
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Feel like giving up urgh
Literally so fucking pissed off right now, think I need a calm down pill.
Today has be so shit!
Extremely jealous of everyone going Reading and Leeds
There's a Nutella shortage? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Could murder a kfc right now
Mr. B's date #icecream
The fact I have to take a controlled drug makes me feel so rebellious #druggy
One of them days :(
Hoping these @Channel4 Richard III documentaries help to raise more awareness about scoliosis and how much it affects sufferers #bentlife
Hell when did my hair get so long
So keen for a roast
I have 5 tons of sand in my bed
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I need to learn to be okay with who and how I am.. Unfortunately, I'm not like everyone else and I struggle with being okay with that.
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Big thanks to the girl who wore heels on a sand covered dance floor and decided to walk on my ankle, I've always wanted cankles #swollen
Selfieeee #nightout
Strange to think that this time last year I was preparing to go to uni and now I'm a third of the way through my nurse training #gonequick
Good luck to everyone getting their alevel results today!
The past can hurt but from the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it #RafikiWisdom
Depth over distance every time my dear ♡
My back literally cannot get anymore fucked up
Time to suck it up, I have no time for people who have no time for me.
Shoutout to all those who still manage to shave their legs with titanium backs.
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Waking up next to you is the best feeling in the world.
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Hope that Robin Williams' death will atleast raise more awareness on mental health issues instead of people thinking its a cry for attention
Such a sad day, RIP Robin Williams!
So the new planet of the apes is amazing!
Had such a lovely birthday and have been spoilt rotten thanks to @rubberbooby. Such a lucky girl! :) #soppytweet
@Greengentlemann HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!!! :) Hope you have a great day! x
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@Greengentlemann HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS GOLDY 😏 hope you had a fab night in zone!! Xxx
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