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Amy Noble
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Super greatful to be able to have such a rewarding career 😆💉
Been with this bugger for a year today, God help me! ;) Definitely am incredibly lucky to have someone as supportive and amazing as him in my life! #soppy #lovehim
Least today can't get any worse 👍
Sleaziness is so unattractive 😷
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Quite possibly the only person not watching I'm A Celeb
So keen to have more acupuncture next week 🙌
If I were to pose naked on the Internet, I would be shamed and named a slut. So why do we idolise and respect celebrities who do it?
Desperately need to get out and take my mind off all the shit that's happening 😭
Wish I hadn't moved back home sometimes 😒
Thank you for a top gig though ! I'll come round and do the dishes and make you all tea x x x x
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Plymouth you absolute dream boats what a gig !! Love you a little bit x
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What a crowd at Plymouth it's a treat to play this gig you beauties x
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Off to see Noel Fielding 😁 #noelfielding #plymouthpavillions
All this travelling has landed me in bed, drugged up and surrounded by hot water bottles and pillows. This is going to be the death of me 😥
Mean girls with my fav 👌
Journey home has turned into a 5 hour firework display 🎆🌛
Cannot wait to go home tomorrow 🏠
So happy to see the back of this assignment, now I can finally focus on placement and biology 🙌
Dead after the 6 and a half hours it took for me to get to Barnstaple. Hate trains with a passion!
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Hate having my time wasted.
My favourite day of the year has been so shit the past two years, why can't I still be little and trick or treat 🍭🍬
To much bad news in one day, wish I had someone here to talk to 😥
Sat in Plymouth station and there is legit a girl singing to her boyfriend like she's in a fucking Disney movie 😷😂
Happy Halloween 🎃👽👻💀
Muscles are starting to tense up again after my acupuncture session the other week, so painful 😫😭
Trying to sneeze without pulling a muscle in your back.. #scoliosisprobz
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So excited for Halloween 👻🎃
Definitely going to be happy to see the back of this assignment!
Feeling motivated to get all my work done this weekend 📖💉
Indirect tweets 😂
Has flu jab to prevent flu, gives me cellulitis instead -.-
Seriously what do people get out of being a complete asshole all the time ✊
Stupidly excited to start my A&E placement this week 💉💊
You deserve someone who knows how to make things up to you after hurting you. Not someone who is very good with just the word, "sorry."
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Pumpkin king #nightmarebeforechristmas #nails #pinstripe #jack #skellington
I'm procrastinating on a whole new level recently, suddenly the house needs hooving, cleaning and tidying. Anything to avoid doing work!
Never thought I would ever feel like this again
Public health assignment will be the death of me.
I want chocolate and strawberries so badly right now
Walking Dead tomorrow, cannot contain my excitement!!
Snapchat why do you have to tease me, I would sell my soul to go to comic con.
Baths and I dont mix well when Im poorly. Only ended up getting to hot, felt faint so rushed out and ended up passing out on the floor -.-
Do not understand how you can repeatedly lie to someone, let alone cheat 👊✋
Cheating isn't always kissing, touching, or flirting. If you gotta delete text messages so your partner won't seem em, you're already there
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