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Amy Noble
I have become stupidly lazy since breaking up from uni #slob
Wish I wasn't so short so I could pull off wearing a jumpsuit without looking like a midget
Wish I was going on holiday this year.
Rainy days like today are the perfect excuse to have a lazy day!
Birthday in a week ;)
Someone come Exeter with me tomorrow #loner
Onwards and upwards!
Tehidy stroll #dextersstaff #youshallnotpass
Sometimes before it gets better the darkness gets bigger the person that you'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger
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1 & a half years post op, cannot be more thankful for how much my life has changed. I am titanium bitches! #spinalfusion
Super excited for The Hobbit trailer to be released tonight!
Back to physio tomorrow and occupational health in Exeter on Thursday, feel like im going around in a circle again -.- #stupidspine
People who leave their dog barking outside all night really pee me off #ineedsleep
Loyalty and respect is so difficult to find nowadays!
Could murder a maccies deli of the day right now
Definitely need to sort my priorities out.
Hate being taken for granted ✋✋
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My great nan is 100 today, getting on a bit!
Always see a persons true colours in the end.
Could have picked a hotter guy to play Christian tbh #50ShadesofGreyTrailer
For god sake @rubberbooby will you leave my tab alone!
You're not a true woman til you get chlamydia and pass it on a few times !
Holy shit I gave my dog chlamydia !
Peanut butter on me mini moo now waiting for the dogs to come here and lick it off #ansum #dogsDinner