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Mignon Fogarty
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What Was That Again? 10 Words With Difficult-to-Remember Meanings via @quickdirtytips and @VocabularyCom
Listen as the @centralmorning show talks to @GrammarGirl about texting & it's affect or is it effect on language #CBC
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The Grammar Girl Editing Checklist
'Why Ebola is capitalized but diabetes isn’t' by @GrammarGirl, MS '98
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I'm finishing up writing next week's show and feeling grateful that I get to do this kind of work. Thanks for listening all these years.
It felt like everyone had a great time at @girlempirecon today. Thanks to the great organizers, @AshDotJen and @Duncecp!
Looking forward to giving the keynote this morning at the @girlempirecon conference! #girlempire
Why Ebola is capitalized but diabetes isn’t via @washingtonpost
Looking for something to explore this weekend? I have two Flipboard magazines (grammar and journalism):…
10 Words Whose Pronunciation Has Changed Over Time from my friends at @VocabularyCom
Fun with Crash Blossoms @GretchenAMcC explains what went wrong with the AP's Malaysia crash headline. #crashblossom
Ha. I was just writing about the plural of "fish" and said, "Stick with 'fish.'" Get it? Fish sticks? Hilarious, right? Clearly, I'm punchy.
I think I might need a break. I just cracked myself up with a fish stick joke that absolutely nobody else is going to notice.
A usage tip from our friend @GrammarGirl: Is It "Set Up," "Set-Up," or "Setup"?
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How to Make Names that End in -s Plural
. @MerriamWebster added 5,000+ words to the Scrabble dictionary, including beatbox, chillax, frenemy, and hashtag:…
I've saved a link to a post that says it lists 228 resources, and every day I think "I'll look at that later." #TooManyResources
RT @VocabularyCom Is It "Set Up," "Set-Up," or "Setup"? @GrammarGirl explains.
How to Make Names that End in -s Plural
Why Do We Say “Big Red Barn,” but “Red Big Barn” Sounds Wrong? The Secret Rules of Adjective Order:…
The best arts, books and entertainment podcasts | via @Telegraph (I'm delighted to be included!)
This is my new favorite Twitter account: