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Mignon Fogarty
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If I do this right, you'll be able to listen to my podcast here: There's Something Weird About "For," "Yet," and "So"
"Yea" and "yes" to "yeah" and "yup:" The 1000-year history of affirmative interjections, via @GrammarGirl.
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Weird Coordinating Conjunctions: "Yet," "For," and "So." Find out what makes them different:
Trying to do too many things at once. #HangsHeadInShame
UGH! Sorry, that last retweet had i.e. and e.g. backward. I didn't look close enough before retweeting.
Thank you! Enjoy the mixer. #ejsummit
#ejsummit I'd like case studies of both success and failure.
Great point: If you are a freelancer, you are an entrepreneur (or least you should be thinking like one). #ejsummit
If you want to follow along with the entrepreneurial journalism conference too, the live stream is here:… #ejsummit
Thanks for putting up with me tweeting about this (interesting!) journalism conference today. It will be finished in a couple of hours.
. @jeffjarvis says we should think of journalism as serving a community, not as a content factory. #ejsummit
#ejsummit ... at least early on. Current speaker makes a great point about needing enough funding too.
#ejsummit Don't forget that you can have a job AND do your startup. It's not always an either-or choice.
Over & over again, we're hearing that it helps students to see that other people have launched a project or business. It's doable. #ejsummit
Fabulous insights from former students at the media entrepreneurship summit. Streaming now.… #ejsummit
#ejsummit Q: Would better follow-up resources have helped you pursue your biz, or was it more that you were more comfortable with a job?
That last idea about journalism & tech being the same was from @Youyoung_Lee. #ejsummit
Former J-school student who now works at HuffPo: Journalism & technology are the same now. #ejsummit (Sorry I didn't catch your name.)
#ejsummit Or what if a team from class wants to continue without one of the students who was on the class team?
#ejsummit That's what I was thinking. What if they come back later and say "That was my idea." Shouldn't you have docs about that?
#ejsummit Question: What happens if a student project is wildly commercially successful?
#EJSummit Question: Do any of you have your teams establish a corporate structure or agreement about ownership of their project?
Brian Steffen, Simpson College. Show students other students who have succeeded. If they can do it, I can too. Building belief is important.
Debbie Galant, Ctr. for Cooperative Media: We give entrepreneurs a small amount of $ to get started, and it connects them to us. #ejsummit
Kelly Toughill announces that Sacramento Press founding docs will be posted at in a week. #ejsummit case studies
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