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Mignon Fogarty
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Is the plural of "fish" "fish" or "fishes"? It depends:
RT @BalefireLabs Skill Smashing w/ #EdApps. (Using 2 or more apps together to create something new in the classroom)
For those of you who want more, here is a vastly more detailed @cgpgrey video about England, Britain, and the UK:
What's the difference between England, Great Britain, and the UK: (h/t @Copyediting)
MT @StitcherRadio Listen to 437 GG What’s the difference between England, Great Britain, and the UK:…
Useful! RT @PurplePenning Freelancers -- Here's a sample contract you can tweak and use at will: .
TONIGHT: Watch The Daily Show to see UNR grad student D. Brian Burghart talk about his @fatalencounters project. We're all excited for him.
Shoot! I forgot the #RaganSocial hashtag both times I mentioned the Twain "change 'very' to 'damn'" quotation:…
A8: Tough one. To avoid writing jargon, you have to be aware. It's easy to slip into it. Try to think like an outsider. #RaganSocial
Yes. RT @bekiweki .@thedanielschell @GrammarGirl Let us not forget GIFs. People love GIFs (myself included.) #RaganSocial
True. RT @YouTooCanBeGuru A7b. Also, "how to..." works well for #construction blog (alter ego). #RaganSocial
. @shanananaheyhey Here's an example of a list headline that performed well on my site:… #RaganSocial
A7: A fantastic tip I saw recently was to optimize your real headline for SEO and put your social headline in the image. #RaganSocial
A7: It's simple, but people love headlines that are numbered lists. We see it working over and over again. #RaganSocial
A7: You don't want to give away the whole story in the headline, but I hate those "you won't believe what happened next" ones. #RaganSocial
Q7: How can professionals write a good, catchy headline that isn't considered click bait? #RaganSocial
Here's the Quote Investigator entry on that "change 'very' to 'damn'" quotation:…
A6: The last 100 cover letters I got were all the same. The new one stood out because it was different (and more practical). #RaganSocial
A6: I think the lesson from the cover-letter story is not to be constrained by the traditional formats. #RaganSocial
A6. Instead of going on about the book and the blurbs, it asked me to do two specific things--that's much more powerful. #RaganSocial
A6: Recently, I got a review copy of @chrisguillebeau's book "The Happiness of Pursuit," and it had a great cover letter. #RaganSocial
A6: Cover letters that come with review copies of books are often formulaic and boring. I almost never read them. #RaganSocial
Q6: What are some examples of good corporate writing you've seen recently? #RaganSocial
A5: ... Every time you write "very" change it to "damn," and then your editor will delete it. #RaganSocial
A5: I'm going to mangle this quotation, but I believe Mark Twain said something like ...
. @WrightsWords @PRDaily I think you lobby to eliminate jargon, but at some point, if they are insistent, you must comply. #RaganSocial
A5: Often you can find a more specific word than "impact": The weather REDUCED sales last quarter.
A5: Lots of people hate seeing "impact" used as a verb: The weather impacted sales last quarter. #RaganSocial
Q5: Are there any words or phrases we should avoid due to confusion or overuse? #RaganSocial
A4: It's tough when the people in charge want jargon though. I had clients like that when I was a freelancer. #RaganSocial #sympathy
A4: Of course, maybe I'm not the target market on those tech sites, but use words that your target will quickly understand. #RaganSocial
A4: Explain what you do in simple words. Often I read websites and can't even tell what the products do, especially in tech. #RaganSocial
A4: Good corporate press releases and blog posts avoid jargon and corporate-speak. #RaganSocial
Q4: What qualities or elements do a good press release or corporate blog contain? #RaganSocial
Ah. Typo in my last tweet about exclamation points. Revised: You still don't WANT one every sentence. #RaganSocial
A3: Don't overdo exclamation points. They're more acceptable than they used to be, but you still don't one every sentence. #RaganSocial
. @SadeInc There are a shocking number of ways to capitalize headlines. Pick a style and be consistent:… #RaganSocial
It seems as if corp. blogs often have less oversight than press releases, so it make sense that more errors would slip through. #RaganSocial
. @CarrieGrayB Yes, you're right. In the US, writers should put periods and commas inside quotation marks. #RaganSocial
Q2: You can do interesting social things with a blog too, such as embedding tweets or videos. #RaganSocial
Q2: I believe branded blogging can be more informal than corporate press releases. I like it when a corp. blog has a voice. #RaganSocial
Q2: How does branded blogging differ from news/press releases? Do style or grammar guidelines change? #RaganSocial
. @WrightsWords I recently saw "Mid Evil" for "Medieval," but that was on Craig's List, not in corporate writing. #RaganSocial
. @WrightsWords You're right. I see homonym errors all the time too. #RaganSocial
. @Racheldell00 Still, some people prefer to stick with "more than" instead of "over." #RaganSocial
. @Racheldell00 And they changed the rule a few months ago, so now it doesn't even apply there:… #RaganSocial
. @Racheldell00 The rule that you couldn't use "over" to mean "more than" was only an Associated Press rule. #RaganSocial