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This Video Of People Getting Tased For The First Time Will Make Your Spine Tingle #fileundershitiwouldntdo
This is what happens when I join my boys in coloring at the dinner table.
Perfect Chicago day to celebrate Jackie Robinson West and their awesome performance @ the #littleleagueworldseries ! JRWCHIPride #JRWparade
Hyperlapse, Instagram’s New App, Is Like a $15,000 Video Setup in Your Hand
The 100 Best Alternative Rock Songs of 1994
My boy Conrad Matthias seems to be in deep thought.
Amazing 1960s Predictions About Satellites, Email, and the Internet
So sad to lose another amazingly talented and passionate contestant tonite :( #masterchef
Y'all people had enough? Dim sum more! #masterchef
Huge props to @MC5Elizabeth for never losing her cool. #masterchef
This is always the hardest, most stressful #masterchef challenge!
Who would you want on your team for this challenge? Who would you hate being paired with? #masterchef #tagteam
Oh shit, tag-team challenge in full effect! Shit's about to go down. #masterchef
I love how @MC5Christian never holds back or minces words. #masterchef
What savory dish would you have made with apples? #masterchef #MysteryBox
Can't believe there are so few contestants left! #masterchef
Here we go, a new episode of #masterchef !
Happy birthday to my baby boy Jedi; the last two years flew by!
Cutie Graham Elliot will be kicking off #SoWeFoodFest at our celebrity chef battle in just a few…
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Cooking on the line with @matthiasmerges and @Homarocantu ~ we're getting the band back together!
You know chef @Homarocantu is in the house when you see "Nitro Eggs" making an appearance in the
"Taro Horchata SoftServe with Mochi, Jujuberry, Candied Ginger and Cinnamon-Sugar Rice Crisp" from @yushochicago / …
Let the @yushochicago #RamenBattle commence! Spicy Pork Ramen with Soy Caramel, Pickled Plums, Sea Asparagus, Shiita…
Time to play "Name That Food"! RT
Shiitake Bacon: smoked, cured, fried
"Burgers, Hotdogs, Ice Cream, Shakes, Open"
Today the sun rises on an epic battle which will pass from myth to legend!!! @grahamelliot vs. @Homarocantu @ramenbattle beginning 4pm
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One of my fave albums ever~ "The Timeless Influence of Jeff Buckley's Masterpiece"
Massive storms rolling through Chicago.
Psyched to be cooking tonite at .@GEBistro , hope to see ya there!
My snake buddy decided to show up again this summer, but twice as big as last year; help me name him/her! RT
This Is How The Rest Of The World Eats Corn On The Cob
Meghalaya: The Wettest Place on Earth ~ awesome photos. #iwanttogotothere
Safety Tip~ don't put your fingers on the flattop. That is all. #Amateur #Ouch #86Fingertips #Doh
Perfect burrata covered in honeycomb w/ marcona purée, arugula @grahamelliot @conantnyc lunch @ScarpettaLA. #LAFW Yum
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