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Eater Will Look Very Different in Seven Days
Thanks everyone who watched this season with us; be sure to watch @MasterChefJrFOX starting 11/7! @GordonRamsay @Jbastianich #masterchef RT
Huge shoutout to @MC5Elizabeth @MC5Leslie @MC5Christian @MC5Cutter for making it into the Top5 this season: America's best home cooks!
HUGE CONGRATS @MC5CourtneyL on being named this season's #masterchef !! @GordonRamsay @Jbastianich and America are so proud of you! RT
I'm super nervous and I already know who wins!! @GordonRamsay @Jbastianich #MasterChef
Prob the most serious I've @Jbastianich all season! #AskMasterChef
Who's dessert would you rather try?! #AskMasterChef
Wow, sounds like someone decided to add a sprinkle of sass to their food tonite. #masterchef
"What happens during the next 60 minutes will change one of your lives." - @grahamelliot So, no pressure then. #MCDessert #MC5finale
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SPOILER ALERT!! @grahamelliot @JoeBastianich and I are live tweeting the #masterchef finale now. Look away if you are watching later!! Gx
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Both the duck and the lamb surpassed expectations, great job both of you! @MC5Elizabeth @MC5CourtneyL
SPOILER ALERT! @GordonRamsay @Jbastianich and I will be life tweeting the #Mastefchef finale! You've been warned
"I think her lamb looks raw"...@MC5CourtneyL commenting on @MC5Elizabeth 's dish. #AskMasterChef
Super risky proteins to offer tonite; lamb rack and duck breast. Coulda gone with a braise or seafood, but these two are goin for the gold!
Octopus & pig ears are trendy, delicious and difficult to cook. Love when u take something cheap and turn it into something beautiful!
Looks like a #mastershoe battle sometimes!
Octopus and pig ears...some interesting dishes to cook up for your final meal! @GordonRamsay @Jbastianich #AskMasterChef
Can't wait to see/taste/experience what @MC5Elizabeth and @MC5CourtneyL whip up in their final battle in the #MasterChef kitchen!
Hey @MC5Elizabeth , @GordonRamsay @Jbastianich and I never knew you were married to @SteveCarell !! Just kidding ;) #AskMasterChef
It all comes down to this- the #masterchef FINALE! Who's it gonna be: @MC5Elizabeth or @MC5CourtneyL ? #AskMasterChef
@Jbastianich @GordonRamsay @grahamelliot did you guys ever want to bump Graham's arm when he sticks that forkful of food close to his nose?
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Accidentally mistaking salt for sugar? Not gonna lie; it's happened to me before. #askmasterchef
@CedREIcDigorry @grahamelliot @Jbastianich We have a band. Joe plays guitar. Graham sings. I play drums! We're called Ear Plugs Required. Gx
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For the record, Key Lime S'more's don't sound too bad! #AskMasterChef
You ever notice how there's always leftover cake, but never leftover pie?hmmm #AskMasterChef
If anybody can make a great gooseberry pie, send it my way! #culinarykryptonite #AskMasterChef
Wow, never knew @MC5Elizabeth was so good at impressions #Mastefchef
Ah yes, the "united cakes of America" #masterchef
Congrats @MC5Elizabeth on making it straight through to the @MASTERCHEFonFOX finale!! RT
Nothing cooler than the #StarWars "Throne Room Ceremony" scene playing out in the #MasterChef kitchen.
For the record, I personally loved @MC5Elizabeth 's dish! #AskMasterChef
Favorite photo from this season; me @GordonRamsay @Jbastianich working alongside 50 Chefs from 50 states! #masterchef
Most of the time when we say "that cook's on fire" we don't mean it in the literal sense...not so tonite! @GordonRamsay @Jbastianich
When @MC5Leslie says he's gonna "reach for the stars" I generally wanna "head to the bars"! ;) @GordonRamsay @Jbastianich #AskMasterChef