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Gaurav Ragtah
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What Happened on Social Media in 2014?…
How to prepare for the big Bay Area storm…
MT: Instagram overtakes Twitter, reaches 300m monthly active users via @fastFT
Check out @MyAppConverter. Finally true native iOS to Android code conversion at your fingertips.
So, do 8 bitcoins make a bytecoin?
Twitter NLP Example: How to Scale Part-of-Speech Tagging with MPP (Part 1) -
Quid's article-analyzing app can tell you many things -- like why you lost the Senate race -
Google's Image Recognition Can Now Describe Entire Scenes -
The Indian Super League Has Brought Money and Attention to Soccer
Thursday/Friday the Bay Area may be hit with the strongest storm since 1998. WATCH @MikeNiccoABC7's forecast on ABC7.
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New research suggests there may be cognitive drawbacks to reading on a screen
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More #Ferguson protestor flyer wisdom. Super sensible and specific and WHY have I not seen this on the news?!???
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#ferguson protestors leave flyers with their reasoning at each place they go. Pretty sensible, if ya asked me.
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Old journalism truth: An error in an anecdote will completely obscure the reality of a trend.
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From inventing zero to making zero sense - apparently Astrology, Mythology > Science…
#CrimingWhileWhite & #AliveWhileBlack illustrate two different Americas that exist but shouldn't. Take the time to read some of the tweets
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#LivingWhileBlack #CrimingWhileWhite are showcasing the most forthright conversations ever. The truth is uncomfortable, but needed...
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The law said it was legal to shoot a fleeing suspect to prevent escape. Ruled unconstitutional in 1985. Whoops, *30* years unconsitutional.
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Because Twitter doesn't allow repeated retweets, one of the perfect summaries of San Francisco…
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A list of top tech internship offers. (By @swelly127)
This photo showing 3 Klansman at the #DarrenWilson rally has been removed from their FaceBook page #HoodsOff #OpKKK
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Racism and trigger-happy cops are clearly alive and well in this country. #Ferguson #BlackLivesMatter
A woman attempting to take a picture at a hockey game in Sochi today. This may be one of my favorite pics ever.
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A model to generate natural language descriptions from images. Incredible. #NeuralNetworks…
Linguistics of fraud: scientists reporting fake data protest too much ("profoundly", "extremely") @jeffhancock
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Someone used my tsnejs library to create a browser demo that embeds music snippets in 2D: fun!
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@deadmau5 did some unique shoegaze-ish vocals over "The Veldt" based on the story. Hope you enjoy…
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A Visual Approach to Scientific Communication:…
Where Guns Are Easier To Find Than Knowledge [Infographic]
This post from RapGenius founder is literally a how-to guide on shoplifting… #WholeFoods
"We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters." Not anymore. @pmarca
As it happens, it would be Hedy Lamarr's 100th birthday this week! Read more about her here:… #HowWeGotToNowPBS
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We are now in the longest continuous period of war in American history. And yet there is remarkably little debate about it.
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Robinhood is a commission-free stock brokerage! Get early access to your #zerocommission portfolio now:
Got a scare from @StudentUniverse but it was just a glitch. Phew, good to know! Handled well.
We are trying to respond to all concerns. Please note that no one has been charged & we have not been hacked. It was a technical glitch
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Android User Takes Apple To Federal Court Over Undelivered Text Messages
Spotify: We were on track to payout $6 million to Taylor Swift this year. (Context: 1 week of 1989 album sales = ~$12 million.)
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The Other Side of Diversity - a candid write-up by @EricaJoy…
The CEO Of Uber Proudly Admits He Tried To Nuke His Biggest Rival's Fundraising…
The Counterintuitive Thing About Counterintuitive Things… #entrepreneur #startups
Things I know but can't prove: Customers know when they are being taken advantage of. Builds bad will, leads to future adverse consequences.
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The Problem With Sentiment Analysis -…