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can't go a day with out a cup of coffee
I really take where I live for-granted, it's such a beautiful place
take me back to the london topshop
having to say goodbye to my mum is so hard, I hate the fact we live in different countries
love the pattern of this top
just another typical starbucks upload
new theme, let's brighten up the place
// finally bought my mac make up
// footwear essential tbh
// intervention everyday for shitty exams, might as well take a selfie whilst I'm in school trying to revise
// recently purchased the duo fibre make up brushes by real techniques, I can honestly say I'm in love with these baby's
// casually posting a random picture of plant
// be who you want to be, and don't let anyone tell you different
// always starbucks
// nearly my whole wardrobe is black
// starting a new theme once again
// she only ever goes near me when I have food
// third bottle of the day oops
// by far the most comfiest hair style going
// having to go to school in the holidays actually sucks
// like this person a lot
// thought the sky looked so pretty
// smiling with my teeth on show, wow that's a first for me
// haven't been to school all week, thought I would make an effort and actually do my hair and makeup in stead of being in my pajamas all day
// evan peters is just perfection
// been working on my bedroom for so long and now I have finally finished
// american horror story has taken over my life
// went skateboarding at the beach
// having to go to school on a saturday sucks
// starbucks is great
I swear all I do is spend my life in comfy clothes, sat doing nothing but looking through my Instagram feed and watching YouTube videos👌
Love this girlie😊
This is my favorite little man in the whole world, hands down the cutest baby ever😘
She is crazy and drives me insane but when she pulls that face I can't help but smile☺️
I think I win for the worlds cutest pyjamas🙈
Tea is just the best🙌
Finally got my hair extensions, never been so happy😄
Love my family so much, wish we didn't live so far apart👎
The flowers in the garden are so pretty🌸
fml hate school so much, can't wait to leave😬
no make up, bed hair and pyjamas...hmm🌚
Finally the right weather to wear shorts, summers on its way😎
idk I just find dream catchers so pretty🙊
Love my cutie❤️
Pizza is the best invention🍕😍

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