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Finally got my hair extensions, never been so happy😄
I have now recently learned that being stung by a weaver fish is not fun and results to me fainting
Last day of school, hell yeah
My sleeping pattern is so bad.. Idek.
I'm like never on twitter anymore..
Some people know exactly how to make you happy. @ZozeeBo is one of those people for me.
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Love my family so much, wish we didn't live so far apart👎
My social life is finally coming together
So many unfollowers, oh my gosh
Knowing It's Monday tomorrow, fml
The flowers in the garden are so pretty🌸
fml hate school so much, can't wait to leave😬
Latley iv been really struggling to stay up past 11, cos I'm a bad ass😎
no make up, bed hair and pyjamas...hmm🌚
Finally the right weather to wear shorts, summers on its way😎
idk I just find dream catchers so pretty🙊
Love my cutie❤️
Watching frozen for the 50th millionth trillianth billionth time Do you wanna build a snowman? yes, yes I do!!!
Pizza is the best invention🍕😍
I am so lucky to live where I do, I love the beach🙊
As soon as I get close to someone I just push them away
Really should go to sleep, got school in the morning, hmm..
Love Starbucks🙉
True friends can see the hurt in your eyes when everyone else is fooled by your smile.
Wanna see who your real friends are? Screw up and see who's still there
As people grow up, they realize it becomes less important to have more friends, and more important to have real ones
The only reason god didnt make us sisters is because one mum couldn't handle us both
Nothing better than watching Aladin
I rlly should start going to bed earlier and getting into a proper sleeping routine
Me at day: lalala, nothing to do or think about Me at night: seriously.. what's even the meaning of life though?
my bed is calling me to sleep but my laptop needs me to stay on twitter
my life is more boring than a cabedges
'perks about being my boyfriend' you'll be the hot one
Have you ever worn earphones just to make sure people won't talk to you
5sos are my boys and one direction are my boys I love them both and it's okay to like both of them and call them both the boys
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Mornings suck
I seriously want to scream at the thought that it is Monday today urghh
Being sat out side on freezing cold bus stop is not something I want to be doing on a Monday morning
thinking what a good weekend i have had, then realising that its monday tomorrow and the shitty and stressful week begins all over again
i really should be doing more with my life other than eat, listen to music and go on twitter...
food, food, food.. all i want is food
I hate when there is network problem when I am chatting with someone i like
You know I find it funny that a smiley face can express itself more than people are willing to
You don't have to forget who that person was to you, only accept that they aren't that person anymore
When you realise that your whole entire life evolves around twitter, food and boy bands...
homework takes over my life, its so fucking stressful urghh