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Rap - TOXIC GANG Desi Bambino, Famished @TOXIGANG Some serious flow from this guy! #BMN4U #Influence
Rap meets Rock! This is the Lovers and the Killers "Red Velvet Rope" Excellent Work! Submitted By: @Lovers_Killers
DEEJAYDALEY's Got one for ya "LAGOS TO SOWETO PARTY MIX" Submitted By: @DJDaley #BMN4U #Influence
Check out brand new, unfiltered and experimental music! Submitted By: @jeffj6 #BMN4U #Influence
Reginal Green @ReginalGreen Hits U With some very original R&B "Left Alone" #BMN4U #Influence
Some Slick ass shit - "ALL IN MY MIND" @MCHammer & THE OAKLAND FIGHTCLUB @DjKingAssassin #BMN4U #Influence
Kid Rock @KidRock - Care ft. T.I. & Angaleena Presley [Music Video]: via @YouTube #Influence
Dirty Country Rock - Mark Stone @mst0ne "Whiskey Talkin'" Just Simple, well done Kick ASS Rock! #BMN4U #Influence
414 Rap/HipHop Straight From New Orleans - @Tigersquadmuzik "Feel My Pain" #BMN4U #Influence
Great Rap: Doughboy - Soul Music (OFFICIAL VIDEO)Check it out!… Submitted BY: @iamtiffmichele @iamdoughboy #Influence
Mellow HipHop From Humble Tone @humbletone "Thank You Virtuous Woman" #BMN4U #Influence
Create a law at the national level, and report on all unarmed civilian fatal encounters with police Sign & RT!!
Sex Prod By Beanz Beatz Submitted By: #BMN4U #Influence
House/dance DJ Fabian lays a long one out for ya!… Submitted By: @fabiangonzales4 #BMN4U #Influence
Rap - LEEZY LAKE Street Prophet 848 FREESTYLE… Submitted By: @s.P.E.™leezy600 @Speleezy600 #BMN4U #Influence
MzMorgan @CheekzLove Female Hip/Hop/Soul Very Unique Beat "I won't be shy" #BMN4U #Influence
Bolo G Hittin' the BMN4U Scene, great work, check him out rap/r&b Submitted By: @therealBoloG #Influence
Rap/HipHop - Bunty Beats & Chox Mak - Bound [Dirty] @BuntyBeats @chox_mak910 #BMN4U #Influence
Instrmental Hip/Hop Dmentit - Mind State (Official Video) Submitted By: @Dmentit #BMN4U #Influence
Straight from Nigeria - First track ever released by Niyod "Alright" Submitted By: @Niyod9 #Influence
Metal - Disturbed @Disturbed - "Just Stop" - with lyrics #BMN4U #Influence
Smooth Smooth R&B By B. Allen @Official_Ballen "Shawty I'm In Love" #BMN4U Influence
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*** BRAND NEW*** Some Hardcore Rap From 3pple B "Papers Talk" Submitted By: @3pple B #BMN4U #Influence
A Style all his own @iamdaynik - electronic - Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix)… #BMN4U #Influence
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Definitley some cruizin' down the street music. - Meda @meda "Above The Influence"… #BMN4U #Influence
Some Fresh Hardcore Rap From The Streets "Paid in Full" Submitted By: @BambinoBankz #BMN4U #Influence
Rap - Courtney "Makbwoy" Hampton @TheMakbwoy "Killin Everything I'm On" #BMN4U #Influence
Hip Hop/Rap - from Tanzania. Wakazi | Abacus (Prod. Bano Stylez) Submitted By: @Wakazi #BMN4U #Influence
Fun House Young Nab ft Babeeboi Gaffy New 2013 Single Submitted By: #BMN4U #Influence
D.Ment.It 's got some street hip hop for you you'll love - Submitted By: @Dmentit #BMN4U #Influence
RS- Taylor Swift Joins 'The Voice' as Guest Mentor Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams are…
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2Pac - Ghetto Gospel: TuPac Hits us With The Truth Even After His Death - R.I.P. @2pac via @YouTube #Influence
EVERYONE FOLLOW @Change , Keep up on important social issues and help make an impact! #Influence
Rap - High Talent - Augustus @AugustusTheMac - The - Mac Tha - Motive #BMN4U #Influence
M-Deuce ft. SimmerDZ - "LET ME LIVE" Anti-Bullying - MUST WATCH Submittd By: @MDeuce206 #BMN4U #Influence
D.Ment.It's got some street hip hop for you you'll love - Submitted By: @Dmentit #BMN4U #Influence