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Go Time Golf
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@KristyWright3: Seth's new clubs for his birthday! #HeIsSoExcited” > Happy Happy BDay Seth! Enjoy! #GrowGolf
@ESPNGolf: Ready for Round 4 of @PGAChampionship? Here are the Sunday hole locations” >Some Tucked Pins!
There's a Great Chance someone will win these & @59beltsGUY Custom buckle/Belt and Putter Grip from @SuperStrokeGolf
Play Well and Go Low Today @TheRealCWilson From the gang @GoTimeGolf and @NotoriousWhips
@cridings1: @GoTimeGolf @HalleeGolfman Im looking for Rory and Scott” >if Rory wins we have most numbers between -10 to -20 covered!
@Golft_witter: @GoTimeGolf Wiesberger !” > That would mean No Winner! I'm sure anyone who didn't pick Rory is routing for him!
@HalleeGolfman: @GoTimeGolf let's go Rory..... Rickie for runner up....” > you're looking for Rory -16 and Rickie in 2nd! Very Good Chance
Good Luck to all in the PGA Championship Contest! Sunday Shootout with a ton of entries with a great chance to win some Awesome Prizes!
@NevadaBobsUSA: @GoTimeGolf on a par 5!!!!” >Appears to be the choice of stroke givers! Hope all is well NV Bobs Gang!
@FORE_LIFE82: @GoTimeGolf LOL at the Ricky tracker page” >ha! Nice to know hat was in play!
@GoTimeGolf I guess depends on how well they play but I'd rather give on a par 5 personally or even a 4 before a 3.
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@GoTimeGolf Easy answer. Par 5. Unless u don't like money!!??!!
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@GoTimeGolf no doubt 5. No matter how many shots I give nothing on 3's Anyone can hit a shot around green & laying 0 chip/putt hard to beat.
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So... In a Skins Game... Would you rather give you opponent strokes on a Par 3 or Par 5??
@oneputtblunder: @GoTimeGolf @GibbonsHandMade You failed to mention the 600 yards I spotted you guys off the tee. Winning it tomorrow >THX!
Todays collection @oneputtblunder & @GibbonsHandMade who shot 6 higher than me & got 6 strokes from me! #Handicapping
@GoTimeGolf @Bwolson12 Sunday Maybe I am playing vs Blake in our @GolfWRX AZ Ryder Cup match on Saturday up in your neck of the woods
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@oneputtblunder: @Bwolson12 @GoTimeGolf @RavenPHX Sweet I just heard it is me vs you next week. Looking forward to it. >book next week!
Looking forward to teeing it up @RavenPHX tomorrow with @oneputtblunder #Golf #GOTIME
@IJPDesign That is a sharp looking outfit. Maybe I need to get me some plaid #plaidtime @GoTimeGolf @PGAChampionship
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He's wearing all @SLIGOWEAR with a @GoTimeGolf hat. He's dressed for success today. #fashion
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Finishing up golf today collecting money from @GibbonsHandMade @oneputtblunder doing it @JManziel2 style.