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Gordon Ramsay
@RejectsUnite: @GordonRamsay the most amazing deviled eggs!!!!”the devil in Gordon
@RejectsUnite: you ruined bacon for me. I'll never taste a BLT the same way again. So delicious!”haha love bacon
@ashton_amo:Thank you for saying everything that everyone wants to say, but can't for fear of getting fired #youreawesome #justsaying”thx
@najwaaaj: @GordonRamsay look what i found!”Marco & Me ! Those where the days !
@KarisaKarmali: Time is NOT an excuse not look after yourself. @GordonRamsay <3… via @YouTube”it's important
@MrJon92: Homemade Chocolate Donuts - Gordon Ramsay… Via @GordonRamsay”love these
@CarrieLynn35: @GordonRamsay What are the chances of you making it through the show without throwing any food?” NONE !!!
@hotforups: @GordonRamsay @jimmyfallon I am SOO staying up to watch tonight! #HotelHell”it was hilarious
@piusgasso: Great fun with @jimmyfallon and team tonight ! you guys are the best thx G Enjoy!!! ;)”
Tonight on the show: @GordonRamsay is here! Plus some smart kids show off their inventions and @littlebigtown performs. #FallonTonight
Retweeted by Gordon Ramsay
Great fun with @jimmyfallon and the @fallontonight team tonight !
Finally made it to NYC to horse around with these two talented MasterChef Junior Season 2 contestants !
Use the hashtag #MCJPlayWithYourFood and my favourite pictures will be featured during the premiere of MasterChef Junior this Tuesday on FOX !
@DavidSpowart1: Spotted your new venture taking shape in Mayfair last night Looking forward to it! @heddonstkitchen” opens on my birthday
@FallonTonight: TONIGHT: @GordonRamsay & @littlebigtown will be here, plus brand new #Fallonventions and Tonight Show #FallonTonight
@BraveSturm: totally can't wait to see you on the tonight show!!! You're so awesome!!! Will you be cooking????”thx Kevin
@smashonthebeat: @ahrancho @GordonRamsay LOL forreals! im actually going to be in vegas this weekend :)”same here !
@rusty__roo: @GordonRamsay about to eat at your Burgr restaurant! Majorly excited! X”enjoy Russel
@ChefChristinaW: Celebrating our 1,000,000th customer tonight @GordonRamsay BurGR @phvegas! So proud of our team!!
@daveracher1: missed you at BurGR... Consoled ourselves at Ramsay Steak... Hi-lite of the trip as usual Thx Dave
We are getting closer to the Tuesday premiere of @MasterChefJrFOX ! Here's a new sneak peek
@joguy1967: who makes the best Yorkshire puddings, you or your mum ? :) my mum ! The good news is she's still using my recipes
@BurrowesJenny: @GordonRamsay you've been having ur hair cut again, u promised to grow it long again xxxxxxxxxxxx” damn I forgot jenny Gx
@CoDXTRYERZ: I want to be be a chef just like you I'm on my chefs course in london with a level 1”good news good luck
@SammiMo1: would you ever come to south devon? My whole family love your food and shows.”mum lives in Taunton so I can pop down.
@cbrisley: it's looking lovely today, back to London tomorrow. Nice to pop home. #Cornwall”wow stunning
@samdownie: will be joining you in LA next week, am doing a BIG 2 day event at @Disneyland on #epilepsy important one good luck Sam
@cbrisley: beautiful here in Cornwall,visiting parents, but not quite LA weather... Nice jet , ironman, chef & now pilot?”I love Cornwall
And now a quick lunch with @official_flo at HK
Just landed, good afternoon LOS ANGELES !
@1artimusprime: We were just a week off. #missedGordon is here & #BurGR is celebrating their 1 millionth customer!””
@Vimshana: @GordonRamsay authentic pot of biryani. Would you like the recipe ;)” looks great
Three cities in 24 hours ! Good morning VEGAS !
@lizwizen: @GordonRamsay my sister only messages me important information!😍�”love her !
@FrostyBadge: @GordonRamsay It was only a matter of time before you two met.”your right
@mpineiro_marca: Qué bien se come en la hamburguesería de @GordonRamsay!!”enjoy
@daveracher1: dad really enjoyed our trip to BurGR last night... Tomorrow it's Ramsay Steak in there later
@RangersFirst: www.RangersFirstorgowning 500,000 shares”brilliant well done Owned by the people who matter
In one week, things will get intense on this season's @MasterChefJrFOX premiere ! Even my mum is a tough judge !
@noelehelene: Noms. Thanks @GordonRamsay ps-the limehouse was amazing honeymoonpics #planefood #GordonRamsay”Thx
@robbiewilliams: congrats brilliant news lots of love Gx we have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy. RW x
@RichOnOWN: Nice! @GordonRamsay is coming to @FallonTonight with @jimmyfallon later this week.”can't wait guys
@richiethsb: @GordonRamsay look what my wife bought me for our honeymoon :)” no excuse now rich ! good luck
@rak12: Back at @GordonRamsay Steak in the Paris. Looking forward to it!”enjoy
@thiagobio: Reading the autobiography of @GordonRamsay, an amazing history of how much we need to work hard to achieve our goals. True