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Gordon Ramsay
@Chef_Kimmie_HK: Check out what my baby is for halloween @GordonRamsay”gorgeous congrats
@mausje1984: @GordonRamsay love your recipe for Blondies!”that looks amazing
@07LSU1: @GordonRamsay are you two related... separated at birth? #SebastianRoche”ha ha
@_JordScarrott88: look what I found on Tuesday at London Heathrow” did you take a picnic away with you !
@Ladymamagigi: my chocolate tart.... how's that???? *finget crossed* @GordonRamsay” pastry uneven but not bad !
@JuiCCrawley: @GordonRamsay Are these ok?” for my Bull Dog Rumpole Yes !
@ShowbizSecrets: @GordonRamsay's success is inspiring.”thx Gx
@JustineLepage06: @GordonRamsay thank you for thinking about us vegetarian with your home cooking recipes 😊”your welcome Gx
@BlitzBokke: Been a month since opening of GR's @BSKHongKong Have to visit soon... Watch:
@smccllum: @GordonRamsay I don't think your daughter is ever going to let you live down the burnt garlic!!!”she's still going on about it!
@Milesy1980: @GordonRamsay fancy a home made Banoffee muffin?” love them Jen
@JosephDickerson: Your team at GR Steak in Las Vegas did you proud tonight. Brilliant meal for myself and my better half. Thanks!”thx
@JasonRfcUK1872: Can you do this pizza Gordon?”heart bypass for dessert ! Omg
@KearneyQ: @GordonRamsay thanks for officiating our wedding today!” congrats to you both
@stephMaRL: @GordonRamsay do you dream about food ? 😜” god no I have nightmares about food !
@breadstkitchen: White chocolate cocktails available all week at BSK, have you indulged yet? #ChocolateWeek
@sadface25: The kids on this are absolutely amazing so can we sign Calwyn up now? #MasterChefJunior”yes
@TKuvin: @GordonRamsay Can we start Masterchef Junior early? I'm not sure my daughter and I can wait much longer!” Bless her
@FrairJohn: can you please Fed Ex a Burger from #BurGR to #Seattle for my birthday today ok it's on it's way !
@catheternebula: @GordonRamsay You need a sign on your back that says "Michelin started chef on board." ;)”good idea
@6townsradio: The @6townsradio Twitter celebrity of the day is @GordonRamsay - & my favorite radio station is the @6townsradio
@garimaCalYC14: hand churned coconut ice-cream, with fennel praline! #madeit #lovetocook #fresh looks great
@con_tacthelp: have you got any jobs going for ex army chefs in London by any chance ?”I will make room you already have the discipline
@nurdin_gerrard: @GordonRamsay You have more passion in cooking than Andrea Pirlo does with football.”funny
@patrick_steff: @GordonRamsay @DuBoisJacob I'll pick up the run :) now we just need a swimmer lol” ha
@DCA689: @GordonRamsay did you see the Northern Lights?” I did it was amazing
@patrick_steff: @GordonRamsay Nice Chef! :) how'd the last triathlon go ?” Just bouncing back from my injury
@DuBoisJacob: @GordonRamsay Chef can I ride my bike with u I'm ready to go!”with pleasure Jacob
Biked home tonight after work I thought I would catch some rays after Norway ! Ha
The Norway dinner was a big success due to this amazing team. Thx
@MrStuartManning: @unionstreetcafe @GordonRamsay Beef carpaccio with Truffle is simply Perfect...”I love them stu
The kids on this season’s @MasterChefJrFOX are absolutely amazing ! Here's a look before the Nov 4th premiere on FOX
After todays news of the paralysed man walking again I have written this. Lives will change. Please read. Thank you.
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In case you’re wondering, the first #GR100 challenge is a 1.2 mile swim, 56 miles of cycling & a 13.1 mile run. Easy!
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Butter Chicken Curry with fried chickpea rice @planefood perfect ahead of another flight wish I could find curry like this in LA
@USAcharitycycle: Gordon - The Etape for the #TDF2015 is out for 19th July, fancy the ride? I'll race you! @GordonRamsay”lets go
How fit are you? Think you can keep up with me and the #GR100 team in a half @ironmanuk race next year? See for info
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@cosmeticcurious:told my bf that MasterChef Junior was back soon, he said must be alien kids! Kids can’t cook that well!” How wrong is he!