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Gordon Ramsay
@Le_Deck_Bar: Busiest lunch since opening 2011 on Sun thanks to committed, loyal & proud crew. I'm happy for you
@theradj: explain @GordonRamsay”two very talented football players ! Haha
@PaulaGresh: @GordonRamsay Hi ! Do you still remember Arek - Masterchef Poland ? :D” never forgotten him !
@elyse271: @GordonRamsay loving Burgr!! So happy to be here right now!! Open one in Melbourne!!”maybe
Tonight I honestly had THE most delicious burger I ever had. #BurgR @GordonRamsay absolutely delicious 😛�
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@k1031bbj812: watching now! @GordonRamsay we can watch you in Japan!”very cool
@szymonsss: Loved your interview in Poland!! Hope you had fun, cause I know I did while watching it! Loved it Thx
jack looking after his little sisters ha
Dinner with the girls !
Somebody's happy to see daddy!
Wow what a day ! Great turnout for Masterchef US this morning ! Great service in Hells Kitchen tonight , now flying to london. Norway see you on Tuesday can't wait Gx
@lindscrowther: another great 40th birthday meal, great menu, Girdon Ramsays Pub and Grill #CaesarsPalace enjoy
@pmsimpson: Who's going to win the Vol-by Flay vs Rebel Ramsay Chopped Challenge? Cute #UTvsOleMiss
Thanks everyone for the amazing turnout for today's @masterchefonfox casting call !
@Angelomaker: Thanks for helping me to prepare such a great and easy dinner ...”now that's what I call fresh
@SokkimL: @GordonRamsay Five girls eating like hungry men right now. Sooo good! #BurgR #vegasbachelorette”enjoy Gx
@coleyx3: a restaurant near this view would be awesome too! I took this at Assinpink Lake, NJ!”stunning
@makesmesmile49: @GordonRamsay I see a beautiful sunset and the face of a donkey! Just kidding - you're a stud! Xoxo”haha
@islandchickny: see you tomorrow, bright & early! Looking forward to meeting you in person. #EPIC #MasterChef”can't wait good luck
@MarkellSteele: Sunset in Long Beach @GordonRamsay a restaurant here would be nice!”stunning
@nurdin_gerrard: @GordonRamsay Your style of cooking is equivalent to Cristiano Ronaldo's ball control. Which is superb.”thx nurdin
@Sanalejo_2014: Saturday October 25th for the premiere south america #JUNIOR @MASTERCHEFonFOX by @Discoverymujer” enjoy it I did making it
@Mantrabus: @GordonRamsay If you want me to look at the sunset, you'll have to get your face out of the way. :)” beauty and the beast
@ShawnGarrett: Would you be available to yell at my ex-wife for not paying her car insurance?”pay it for her Shawn be a gent !
@alexanderMCJUSA: @GordonRamsay how bout in NY chef?!? :)” coming soon bud !!! Hope your good love to mum Gx
Gorgeous malibu sunset
@JulieTarheel: @GordonRamsay a Burgr would hit the spot at Universal Studios!” Good idea
@ericbennett87: Off to Las Vegas for a conference. Only thing I'm looking forward to is eating at BurGR. #cannotwait #foodie”enjoy Eric
@orangestreak: @GordonRamsay You should be "The Next Doctor." #DoctorWho” you kidding me
@Stephen_C80: .@andy_murray Andy, don't you think @GordonRamsay is a bit too fit looking these days? His neck is like Rafa's left arm.”ha
Not forgetting @GordonRamsay too! Thanks for all your kind comments, don't forget to donate. Text FIVE (£5) or TEN (£10) to 70404 #SU2C
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remembering @GordonRamsay surprising #erenpars on his 21st. Cancer broke our hearts. #StandUpToCancer donate now x
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Want to know more about @GordonRamsay's @GRF_Foundation & why we're so excited to be part of it? Check this out
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Really pleased to be working together with @ACF_UK read more here @GRF_Foundation #GR100
@callsignemily: My boyfriend asked if we could watch something that didn't have @GordonRamsay in it. UM NO WE CAN'T ACTUALLY.” Ha
@baebIade: @GordonRamsay By far the best line I've ever heard this needs to be up in a museum