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Photo of the Day! @chrisberk gets barreled at Salt Creek in Dana Point, CA. Photo by @kenzrr.
Video of the Day! Biking the Eagle's Nest Trail in Poland. Video by @DariuszCierpial.
Photo of the Day! @chrissberk gets barreled at Salt Creek in Dana Point, CA. Photo by @Kenzrr.
Tons of tips and tricks can be found on our Tutorials YouTube Channel: or Support: #GoProChat
Alright, so stoked on all these questions. If we missed yours we’ll follow up soon! #GoProChat Thanks everyone!
A10: Always use #GoPro when you share and submit online here: Videos: Photos: #GoProChat
Q10: How do I get featured on GoPro's social media channels? Have you submitted yours? #GoProChat
A9: I get hundreds or thousands of pics when using photo modes. I use Adobe Bridge to look through and star/rate the best #GoProChat
Q9: What’s the easiest way to look through and select your GoPro photos? #GoProChat
A8 Pt 2: To email to yourself, in export hit Custom settings, 1280x720, 29.97, slide Quality until it's just under 10MB. #GoProChat
A8 Pt 1: Using GoPro Studio, import your footage & convert, cut a 15 sec video, hit export. #GoProChat
Q8: What’s the best workflow for creating an Instagram video? #GoProChat
Q7: Lots of good info flying around! Content question. What's everyone's favorite GoPro video? #GoProChat
A6 Pt. 3: Export ProRes422 out of Premiere, import into Davinci Resolve to do color correction. Export then compress for web! #GoProChat
A6 Pt. 2: Then narrow, find story, & create flow for the video after seeing the footage you've got in a new sequence. #GoProChat
A6 Pt. 1: We take raw .MP4 video into Adobe Premiere and create 'selects' timelines - pull anything usable into your sequence ! #GoProChat
Q6: From @Apalmer723 - Could we have a complete run through of the in-house post workflow? #GoProChat
A5: Definitely! ProTune simply increases the quality in your video. If you're not worried about disk space, use it! #GoProChat
Q5: From @andklotz -- Is Protune even worth using if you’re new to GoPro/video? #GoProChat
A4: 1440-48 or 1080-60 Superview! What kind of activities are you guys capturing POV of? #GoProChat
Q4: What’s the go to setting for POV footage? #GoProChat
A3: When I'm framing up my shot I usually use the GoPro app before I start! The LCD backpack works great too! #GoProChat
Q3: What's the best way to ensure your shot is properly framed? #GoProChat
A2: Stable: Be conscious about being steady, use two hands on follow-cam. Also in the editing process, select the best shots! #GoProChat
Q2: From @sakery00 - What are your tricks for getting the most stable shots? #GoProChat
A1: I personally just use my ski pole with the @GoPro Handlebar-Seatpost-Pole mount! It's easy to carry! #GoProChat
Q1: Here we go! What’s the best mount for Follow Cam? #GoPro
Welcome, everybody. Who's here, give us a shout and say hey! #GoProChat