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The full story behind "Descent Into the Lava of Marum in 4K."
GoPro captures the “Best Day” for a group of special youth. @BDFI
Video of the Day! @shaunwhite hosts @RyanSheckler for a backyard BBQ and mini ramp sesh. More…
Featured Video! @shaunwhite hosts @shecks and friends for a backyard BBQ and mini ramp session. #GoProSkate
GoPro HERO4 Silver: Introducing the Touch Display. Learn more:…
Photo of the Day! GoPro kayaker @ben_brown_ enjoys water of the frozen kind, too.
Photo of the Day! GoPro kayaker @ben_brown_ enjoys water of the frozen kind, too. #snowboarding
How many fish can you count? Photo by Chris Bell.
Such a rad #GoProChat, thanks! Almost as important, it's #NationalCatDay. Take a minute and enjoy Laser Cats!…
Wow you all have some amazing images make sure to keep sharing them and submit for Photo or Video of the day -JG
Signing off from @David_Newman Thank's for all your questions and all your cool pictures #GoProChat -DN
Thanks for joining the #goprochat tonight tons of fun follow me @Filmbot for more epic adventures with @GoPro - JG
Alright guys from @abekislevitz, thanks for joining on this chat! Stoked to see what you all create! -AK #GoProChat
CAMERA GIVEAWAY! Reply to this Tweet with your raddest GoPro photo. We'll select 2 winners to win a HERO4! #GoProChat
.@David_Newman Pro Tip -- when shooting a subject under stage lighting, use 24p, Protune EV -2.0 and ISO Limit 400 #GoProChat DN
.@Filmbot Pro Tip - Be aware of what lighting you are shooting in & and adjust your cameras settings accordingly. #GoProChat JG
.@abekislevitz Pro Tip: Experiment with ProTune to get higher quality video and photos! #GoProChat AK
Camera giveaway coming up soon! Get your favorite GoPro photos ready... #GoProChat
LCD Shortcuts use gesture control allowing for easy access to your settings & modes #GoProChat JG
Double tap to change FOV, swipe to access camera controls! #GoProChat AK
Q6: LCD shortcuts. We know they're there, what are they? #GoProChat
I use the GoPro App to flag interesting events while the video is recording. They're automatically shown in GoPro Studio 2.5. #GoProChat DN
Use tagging as an easy and fast way from the GoPro App or Smart Remote to Hi-Light moments for editing in Studio after a shoot #GoProChat JG
Try different settings with Protune for photos at night you get alot of control over the image - JG #GoProChat
Tag important moments. I'll hit the tag button to find the best clips later! #GoProChat AK
Best to try different settings with Protune for photos at night you get alot of control over the image - JG
.@JoshWhalen28 Good question. This might be similar to our camera giveaway question. Stay tuned...! #GoProChat
Q5: What is moment tagging and how do I use it? #GoProChat
LRV files with ProTune! It's awesome to be able to shoot high quality 4K and 2.7K48 and then watch the clip back on the app! #GoProChat AK
2.7k at 48: best compromise b/t high resolution (allowing for reframing) and for slow motion. #GoProChat DN
4K at 30/24 being able to have such a large frame & high quality resolution allows for alot of possibilities. #GoProChat JG
For those asking for LUT support please submit feature request to - JG #GoProChat
Q4: What's your favorite GoPro HERO4 feature? #GoProChat
Flux: but not just for super slowmotion, but even subtle speed-ups/downs look better. Autosports, try a Flux speed up at 120% #GoProChat DN
Flux: not having to use a re-timing plugin for slow motion is a big time saver. Check it. #GoProChat JG
HiLight tagging is pretty cool - see the clips and where your action moments are right away! #GoProChat AK
Q3: What's your favorite new GoPro Studio feature? #GoProChat
ProTune in photos is huge for me! Also 4K30 and 2.7K48 are awesome #GoProChat AK
A2: 4K p24/25/30 is such a sweet shooting mode, pushing twice the pixel volume over HERO3+. #GoProChat DN
Q2: DudeBro asks: What is the single biggest improvement to the HERO4 over the HERO3+ and why? #GoProChat
Burst 10/2, Protune with Flat and Native color, ISO 100, Medium sharpness and EV at -0.5. #GoProChat DN
Nightshot/NightLapse, Protune w/ GoPro Color, White Balance Native, Shutter Auto, ISO 200, EV Comp -0.5 #GoProChat JG
Action shot timelapse photo every 0.5 sec ProTune GoPro Color, WBAuto, ISO 800, EV 0, Sharpness Low #GoProChat AK
Q1: What's your favorite HERO4 photo setting? #GoProChat
Q1 coming up in a few minutes. Where's everybody from? #GoProChat
Hey I am Jim @Filmbot Cinema, Broadcast & Photo marketing manager @GoPro STOKED to be doing #GoProChat
What's up I'm @abekislevitz from the GoPro media crew! I'll be ending tweets w AK so you know it's me! -AK #GoProChat
Stoked for another #GoProChat on all things HERO4. Give our moderators (@Filmbot @abekislevitz @David_Newman) a warm welcome!
10 minutes until #GoProChat. Who's ready to chat with @abekislevitz, @David_Newman and @Filmbot?!