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Google Webmaster Central Blog: Mobile-friendly web pages using app banners→ #WebmasterNews
Did you implement new measures to protect your site with our #NoHacked campaign? Vote here→
Thanks for tuning in to our security Q&A session! Watch the full presentation here:
Live in 30mins! Ask your security questions in this live Q&A session as we wrap up
Our final #NoHacked post gives you steps to fix a site infected with gibberish pages→
Join us next Wed 2pm PST/9pm GMT for a live Q&A session to wrap up our #NoHacked campaign→
Cleaning a hacked site is difficult without proper tools. Here are some suggestions→ #NoHacked
Today's #NoHacked post identifies symptoms of a site that was infected with gibberish pages→
Do you use 2-step verification? Vote here→ or share your experiences. #NoHacked
Use Google Authenticator ( for two-step verification if you can't access SMS/email. #NoHacked
See why you should use two-factor authentication to secure your accounts
Have you ever encountered social engineering? Vote here→ or share your experiences. #NoHacked
For stronger protection against phishing, use products that support Universal 2nd Factor →
What other warning signs should you look for to spot social engineering attacks? #NoHacked
Protect yourself from social engineering tactics like phishing in our 2nd #NoHacked blog post→
Has your site ever been hacked? Vote here → or share your experiences below. #NoHacked
If your site is hacked, ask your hosting provider for help. Chances are, they'll be able to help for free. #NoHacked
#NoHacked is back with more advanced information. 1st up: avoid being the target of hackers→
Stay tuned for the return of #NoHacked on Monday. Here's a refresher from our 1st campaign→
#GoogleDev100 ep 54/100: Critic reviews & video actions can be surfaced on Google to help users find your content.
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#tbt to our 'Search-Friendly Mobile Sites' presentation→ #mobilefriendly
You bring the questions. We'll bring the tips. Share your questions w/ #BuildYourBrand. RSVP:
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Now live: Google Webmasters in Arabic! Follow for updates and resources to create great sites→
What do you want to see on our channel? Tips? Behind-the-scenes? Videos? Tweet or vote here→…
Looking for a talk at #io15? "Optimize your app presence on Google Search with Search Console" will begin in 25mins!

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