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You can have Webmaster Tools messages sent directly to your email. Learn how: #WebmasterTips
School's out for the summer but we're always learning at Google. We've got a new #WebmasterTips series for you soon!
Big updates to our robots.txt testing tool. Try it firsthand: Read more about the updates:
We'll now inform you in search results when we detect pages that may not work on your devices:
Now in Webmaster Tools: A new Language Targeting feature to help identify rel-alternate-hreflang errors.…
A few members of our team recently volunteered at a community garden as part of GoogleServe. Googlebot "helped."
Rejoignez-nous cet après-midi pour un Hangout on Air en français! Join us today for a webmasters hangout in French:…
Check out some tips we shared at a recent training program to help you optimize your presence in search results:
Here's our presentation fresh from Google I/O about mobile sites, international sites, & monitoring sites for spam:…
Learn how to implement HTTPS on your sites and learn how to give us the right indexing signals when you get secure:…
Our hangout link for those who want to add it to their calendars:…
We're doing a hangout on Monday to cover the same topics, so no worries if you miss our I/O talk!
If you're going to #io14, come check out our 'Best practices and common mistakes in SEO' talk this Thursday:!
Selamat pagi Indonesia! Check out our new Bahasa Indonesia blog and follow us to get search-related news:
Googlebot is so ready for a California summer. What are you doing on this winter or summer solstice?
Pay special attention to our quality guidelines and stay away from illicit practices!
What do you parse this sign as IRL? 403 Forbidden? 503 Service Unavailable? Disallow? Help us find the best analogy.
#NoHacked Set up your username and password securely. Do not use names like "admin"
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Lock your workstation. The most dangerous vulnerability is an unlocked computer and an empty seat. #NoHacked
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if you know you have a vulnerability, don't say I'll fix it later .. later might be very expensive .. #NoHacked
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If you have a few minutes, consider setting up two-factor authentication--improved security with minimal hassle. #NoHacked
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We're retweeting tips you submitted to our #NoHacked campaign. Continue to spread awareness around hacking attacks!
Set up a recurring calendar reminder to update software to the latest version and prevent getting hacked. #NoHacked
We're halfway through our #NoHacked campaign. Share your best hacking prevention tips and don't forget to include the #NoHacked hashtag!