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Google Facts
None of the Beatles knew how to read music. (Paul McCartney eventually taught himself.)
Yawning is not contagious for children with autism due to their inattention to facial cues, rather than a lack of empathy.
Mosquitoes love to bite blondes, more than brunettes... And kids, more than adults.
Scientists say, taking your dog to work can reduces stress & help you perform better.
Asphalt pavement is not only America’s most recycled and reused material, it now is being recycled and reused at a rate over 99 percent.
The Lord of the Rings is not a trilogy. It was cheaper for the publishers to break it up into three books than printing one large book.
Any North Koreans that escape to South Korea are automatically granted citizenship upon arrival.
J K Rowling wrote the final chapter of the last Harry Potter book in 'something like 1990', seven years before the release of the 1st book.
A German author wrote a novel in which Hitler wakes up in modern Berlin with no memories since 1945 and becomes a comedian.
The man with the longest beard in the world (4.5 feet) tripped over it, broke his neck and died.
Microsoft once threatened to sue a high school student named Mike Rowe for creating a website called
Just by recycling one aluminum can, enough energy would be saved to have a TV run for three hours.
When he was only 13, Johnny Depp lost his virginity to a girl slightly older than him.
One of the most popular philosophical debates on is whether or not Australia actually exists.
The life expectancy of a $100 bill is 9 years
The inventor of the Waffle Iron did not like waffles.
There is a face cream that is 2,000 years old which was found with the finger marks of its last user.
The Complete Web Developer Course - Build 14 Websites! 19,229 students enrolled, price $199…
A British company made a laptop with a graphical user interface, a 60 hour battery life, SSD storage, and a touchpad. In 1989.
There is a small island near Bali that openly sells and embraces magic mushrooms. It seems to be a large part of its local economy.
Current estimates say for every dollar we spend on the space program, the U.S. economy receives about $8 of economic benefit.
The filming of the Lord of the Rings trilogy pumped roughly $200,000,000 into the New Zealand economy.
Adjusted for inflation, Porno classic 'Deep Throat' is possibly the highest grossing film of the 70s, surpassing even Star Wars.
The voice actors for the cartoon "Spongebob" have done dubbing over scenes from classic films, like 1942s "Casablanca."
"This CD-ROM can hold more information than all the paper that's here below me"- Bill Gates,1994 (Via @Know)
In 1999 William Shatner sold 65,000 of his priceline shares at $5.50 each. Today, those shares would be worth $83,000,000. $PCLN
The season 6 blu-ray of Dexter had an unskippable trailer that spoiled that season's finale.
Scots didn't wear kilts until three centuries after the period depicted by the film "Braveheart."
The french use the expression "the english have landed" to say a woman is on her period.
15 Images Taken with a High-Speed Camera…
29% of San Francisco's air pollution comes from China
Of an experiment on the NY subway where seated passengers were asked "Excuse me, may I please have your seat?" 56% of them moved.
It is illegal in 10 states to charge extra for using a credit card. $V
The loa loa is a roundworm species that lives in mammals’ eyes.
In India there's a prison where prisoners can come&go as they want. The prisoners can also hold jobs. One prisoner is even a school teacher.
Wonder Woman originally had a super-weakness: Being bound or chained by a male would strip her of her superpowers.
The sign "Your meal is free if you don't get a receipt. Please see a manager" is intended to prevent employees from stealing.
Ben Stiller went to hypnotherapy for his addiction to peanut M&Ms.
Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd members helped to fund the making of Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Amazon is now worth $154 billion dollars. $AMZN
BREAKING: Amazon just bought @Twitch for $970 million in cash. $AMZN
A Dutch archaeologist found a lost castle they had stopped looking for 20 years ago, using Google Earth. $GOOGL