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Google Facts
More than 50% of sloth deaths occur on their once a week trip to the ground to dig a hole and defecate
There is a water vapor cloud in space which has 100 trillion times the amount of water present on Earth.
It snows metal on Venus.
One of the US Navy's most advanced yet-to-be commissioned missile destroyers is commanded by Captain James Kirk.
In the greeks myths there was the Unknown God, a placeholder for those gods yet unknown to the ancient greeks .
You can pay a travel agency in Tokyo to take your stuffed animal on a vacation -- without you.
The average cloud weighs about 1.1 million pounds.
The eldest children in families tend to develop higher IQs.
There is a waterfall in Minnesota called the Devil's Kettle that empties half its contents into a sinkhole. The outlet has yet to be found.
Violence has steadily declined over the course of human history, and we are currently in the midst of the most peaceful era yet.
Applying male underarm sweat to a females lips can help relax women, boost their mood and help regulate their menstrual cycle.
Some Canadian police departments give out 'positive tickets' to thank people for doing something good.
17 Things They Probably Never Taught You In School…
RT @Know Justin Bieber's mother was pressured into having an abortion, but she refused.
On average, Facebook makes $9,671 every second. $FB
Every single day, 1 in 8 people around the world signs in on Facebook. $FB
Mark Zuckerberg's salary is $1 per year. $FB
Statistically, guys are better than girls at detecting cheaters.
94% of people cite WiFi as the most important hotel amenity.
New York City plans to turn all of it's old phone booths into wifi hot spots.
The grooves on an LP (with record stylus) as seen through an electron microscope. (Via @MicroscopePics)
Peanuts are one of the ingredients in dynamite.
Psychology says that women find men who engage in generous acts (such as donating blood or volunteering) to be sexier than those who don't.
A comedian died of a heart attack in front of millions of viewers on live tv and people thought it was all a part of the act.
New Zealand is part of a 93% submerged continent known as Zealandia.
Joe Rogan once confronted Carlos Mencia for stealing jokes, while Carlos was on stage.
Music can help time pass by quicker, make your workouts stronger, and help you feel less pain.
Singing together can strengthen the bond between a group of people.
New yorkers bite 10 times more people than sharks do worldwide.
When writing an essay, increasing the size of periods from 12 to 14 can turn a 3 page paper into a 4 page one. (Via @perform)
Technically, music becomes medication in terms of insomnia prevention. An hour of music each day can relive insomnia by 70%.
North Korea has its own airline, which also happens to be the only 1 star rated airline in the world according to Skytrax.
In Russia a young cannibal killed and ate 11 people to impress his girlfriend.
In 2010 3 burglars who thought they had found a stash of cocaine ended up snorting the ashes of a man and his two great danes.
Chinese courts have a 99.99% conviction rate (measured in 2009)
There's a law in Canada called the "Apology Act" which prevents parties from using an apology as a statement of fault in court.
Happiness is contagious. When you're positive, people are naturally drawn to you.
Enabling airplane mode on your cellphone will help it charge faster.
PSYCHOLOGY: The size of your signature is linked to overall confidence. The larger your signature, the greater your self esteem.
Meditation is such a powerful technique that, after only 8 weeks, the brain's structure changes.
Old people smell is actually caused by a chemical, 2-nonenal, that old people secrete through their skin.
An elephant's ability to smell water is so refined, they can sometimes detect water sources from as much as 12 miles away.
Singapore bought billions of cubic feet of sand from Cambodia because Cambodia needs money and Singapore needs land.
An Indian man single-handedly planted a 1,360 acre forest that is home to a complex, thriving ecosystem
A Greek soccer player was given a life ban for giving the Nazi salute after his winning goal.
The idea for YouTube was conceived when the founders couldn't find a video of Janet Jackson's breast popping out during the Super Bowl.
The inventor of the Super Soaker squirt gun was a NASA Scientist who also helped develop the Stealth Bomber & the Galileo mission to Jupiter
Inspector Gadget's car, The Gadgetmobile, was a 1983 Toyota Supra.