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Google Facts
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A little peek at the insane, 3-stage process your body goes through while sleeping.
The perfect red line marks the high point of a toxic aluminum sludge spill. Amazing how straight it is, no?
Babies smile about 200 times a day.
Wreck of the Swedish warship Mars, which exploded during the first battle of Öland. (Via @abandonedpics)
Over 107 million spiders were found in this building, which was engulfed in a giant web.
Average human brain size around the world
History of cigarette consumption. (Via Weird Things to Know - @Know)
Miss Universe 1965, Apasra Hongsakula of Thailand, age 67
This Angel Oak Tree is estimated to be at least 1400 years old.
Robert Downy Jr. Getting his license picture taken at the DMV
This is the world's wealthiest selfie: The combined net worth of these people is $143B
This is the Krubera Cave, the deepest known cave on Earth.
This is how it looks like to be 30 feet away from a humpback whale breaching.
The grooves on an LP (with record stylus) as seen through an electron microscope. (Via @MicroscopePics)