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Google Facts
The rapper Drake graduated high school on October 2012 at the age of 25.
Paper can be recycled six times. After that, the fibres are too weak to hold together.
Jehovah's Witnesses teach that Satan and his demons were cast down to earth from heaven 100 years ago this month: October, 1914.
There's a micro nation in Nevada named Molossia that consists only of a house, front yard & back yard. It also declared war on east Germany.
The inventors of Bubble Wrap were originally trying to make plastic wallpaper.
Guinness World Records had to ban a certain type of paper aircraft after this guy flew it for thirty minutes straight.
In October of 1994 Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump, The Shawshank Redemption and Jurassic Park were all in theatres at the same time.
Scotland Yard, one of the world's best-known police agencies, is built on top of an unsolved crime scene.
Facebook turns over critical evidence in murder and rape cases to law enforcement, but won't do the same for defense attorneys.
A word that can be its own antonym is called a contronym. For example, "bitch" can refer to someone who's domineering or submissive.
17 Amazing And Weird Things Hiding In Plain Sight On Google Maps…
Our brains have a negativity bias and will remember bad memories more than good ones.
Shark teeth are actually scales; that's why they can infinitely grow them back.
Before alarm clocks, there was a a profession called a knocker-upper who would go around and knock on your door until you awoke.
Bayer sold a medicine tainted with HIV. Once it was discovered in the US, they continued to sell it overseas for a year to clear stock.
In the Victorian era they had special tea cups that protected your mustache from getting dunked in your tea.
Portugal decriminalized all drugs eleven years ago and the number of addicts has been halved since then.
New York's area code is 212 because it was the fastest number to dial on a rotary phone.
A penny costs 2.4 cents to produce & indirectly diverts resources driving up the cost of production for the nickel to over twice its value.
Sharon Osbourne sold all of Ozzy Osbournes cars when she found out he was drinking and driving.
Sweden pays high school students $187 per month to attend school.
A man once faked his own death to get out of a Verizon Wireless contract.
23 year old pedophile disemboweled after bragging of his crimes in prison...…
Al Capone's armored limousine, after being seized by the feds, was later used to protect FDR after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
In Soviet Russia, prisoners would get tattoos of Lenin & Stalin, because guards weren't allowed to shoot at images of national leaders.
Blonde hair is not exclusive to Europeans. Melanesians of the south Pacific evolved a different gene for blonde hair.
North Korea is actually more accessible to foreign journalists than Tibet is.
Abraham Lincoln patented a type of flat bottom boat that he used to transport goods. He's the only US President to obtain a patent.
It took 11 hours for Seattle police to subdue a man who was standing in an open parking lot and armed with just a samurai sword.
The role of Captain Jack Sparrow was initially offered to Jim Carrey but he turned it down for Bruce Almighty.
According to former LAPD veteran detective Greg Kading, P. Diddy is responsible for 2Pac Shakur's death.
Babies exposed to sign language babble using their hands the same way other babies do with their mouths.
Space Jam is the highest grossing basketball movie.
In 2004 Volvo introduced a concept car that was built for women without a hood and dent-resistant bumpers.
An ancient Greek philosopher called Crysippus died of laughter while watching a drunk Mule try to eat from a fig tree.
Cows kill approximately 22 people every single year in the US. Sharks are responsible for <1 death in the US, and fewer than six worldwide.
In 2009 Florida man accused his cat for downloading child pornography.
Loneliness weakens your immune system. Having friends and significant others can increase immunity by 60%.
"Silent" and "Listen" are spelled with the same letters.
Rich people in China can hire body doubles to serve their prison sentence.
There are Cat Cafés in Japan and Taiwan where people can pay hourly to play with cats and have drinks.
If you're snoring, then you cannot be dreaming.
A man in Taiwan was mauled by a lion after he jumped into their enclosure with a bible in an attempt to convert them to Christianity.
A 10-year old boy in England had to undergo emergency surgery to reattach his testicle after a wedgie.
Every Harry Potter movie is on the list of top 50 highest grossing films of all time.
A study by Harvard University suggests that easily distracted people are more creative.
Teddy bears and other toys kill more people than real bears.
A greetings card that can play 'Happy Birthday' has more computing power than existed in the whole world in 1950
Marlin and Dory would have had to swim 1,568 miles to find Nemo.