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When a guy wants to be with you, he’ll be with you. Period. There won’t be any excuses, drama, shadiness or uncertainty.
Sometimes you need someone to talk to,you need some encouragement but are just scared of the soon to come judgement.
I guess I love myself so much its affends people.. really not caring tho
I really have a good feeling about him 😊
igottagoodfeelingboutthis 😊
Wish i had to work tomorrow.
Watching Obsessed... this chick was psycho!
I am so irritated man!
so you've created this big lie in your head and now you're gonna try your hardest to make yourself believe it.
this dude will not just let it go.
Eventually all your pain from sadness turns into anger ... and thats when you start to change.
I am so tired man.. goodnight.
Eventually you just gotta let things go and move on with life.
im over it.
Watching dance flick . 😂
Thank you God!!
I dont know why im sooo fascinated with ghosts stories.. the real ones
After this summer , i'll know for sure who was really down w me ..
Ion really got nobody number saved..
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Nobody cares that your heart is achin'.
no girl can ever make me feel less prettier than her or intimidate me cuz in my head I'm the mf shit💅😌
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Oh well.
We dont love em, we dont love em.