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Sean .
We got that shit that make the metal detector go off
This is some dank, oh my😍
Cocaine Castle got me vibin
There's so many lame ass niggas in Cincinnati .
I shouldn't be aloud on twitter when I'm high af πŸ˜‚
OMG Molly is my new favorite drug. Fuck you if don't love drugs, money, and sex. Shit makes the world go round nigga.
Idgaf, I'm trapping and we making this money. Come with me on the journey
I'm tryna get paid, all that's on my mother fuckin mind.
Nice guy with bad intentions
Went on a 2 mile walk to pick up some Buddha and I got asked 3 times if I wanted some bud by 3 different niggas. 😐
Society made me like this. πŸ’ŠπŸš¬πŸ”«πŸ’΅
Why get money if your not gonna spend it?
Let me find a bitch that will play video games with me, smoke, and have some bomb ass sex all day everyday.
"Let me make you feel wanted"
Why do elder kids wear their alumni shit ALL THE FUCKING TIME.
Hickies on your titties
i need a job but like i hate being around people do u see my problem
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Being sober is not fun, why ever be sober?
Sometimes I just wanna not talk to people cause people are annoying. Ya feel?
Wish I could see my future right now
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Not gonna lie sometimes its hard for me to converse with people that are not enlightened and do not understand
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We're all just a piece of a puzzle with 7 billion pieces in it.
Oblivion is a good ass movie, I fr couldn't predict anything that happened in that movie.