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most unhappiest girl ever right now
took me 2 hours to realize I misspelled "forgot" in my last picture...
no one understands how much I miss my phone right now
forgt to tweet this when I finally got my subway wow, I'm delaying
in search of a friend to go get subway with me
for the past 2 days I've found my dog, laying on my parents bedroom floor in the sunlight
I'm not a bad person though
lately I've been in that "idgaf" mood that I've been speaking my mind to people, and not caring how rude and true it is how I feel..
if you like me, let me know. If not, then don't act like you do
that was the 2nd big earthquake we've had this week and if we have another one, I'm running out of my house
it's not everyday when you randomly meet a ghost
the really funny thing about my last vine is that my dog isn't moving at all... he's just staring off.. huge possibility he hates me now
this is not animal abuse at all...
despite that fact, I'm gonna try and get some sleep now. Goooodnight 💜🌌🌙
wow! Okay! That earthquake just happened and scared me to death!
just wanna be cuddled with 24/7
how do you be there for someone who doesn't want you too?
my cute bamboo phone case came in today but I won't have my phone for another 5 weeks
your hugs make me all warm inside
workout done, now time to get some sleep 😴🌙🌠
impatiently waiting for these to be re-stocked in my size.
"who are you trying to look good for" myself. Maybe I wanna feel pretty and not feel like a potato. I wanna look good in my own house
I'm addicted to your voice and your laugh.
I love fall. It's so pwetty 🍂�
I hate working when it's sunny outside
work work work, btw I finally got my new bag in
it hurts my brain to miss you this much
I know I don't always have the right words to say, but I'm trying. I really am
just fell asleep for a good 2 hours.. now I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight
I have the grayscale turned on bc I wanted to see how it worked and I'm actually liking it and I'm not even mad about it
let go of whatever it is that makes you think you're not good enough.
can't decide between a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro 😰
twitters update is confusing me... what happened?
goooodnight 🌙✨😴 (don't mind my beautiful
we all love someone just a little too much
v v v happy right now bc the update didn't delete all of my pictures 😅
I'm always down for giving someone a tattoo even if it means messing up 10 different times and restarting. I tried..
you make me unbelievably happy
just now realizing since I updated I lost practically all of my pictures.... I'm upset as shit now
took 2 tries to update to IOS8 but it finally happened.
probably the only time I'll do something like this but it's perfect and v cute
I feel like my closet needs new clothes.
I think I might do something similar to this.. maybe a little different.
btw here's my awesome loaner phone until mine gets fixed, bye
here's a selfie I took today bc curly hair and felt girly
the real question is how did my camera get all scratched up because I treated that phone like it was a million dollars