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twitters update is confusing me... what happened?
goooodnight 🌙✨😴 (don't mind my beautiful
we all love someone just a little too much
v v v happy right now bc the update didn't delete all of my pictures 😅
I'm always down for giving someone a tattoo even if it means messing up 10 different times and restarting. I tried..
you make me unbelievably happy
just now realizing since I updated I lost practically all of my pictures.... I'm upset as shit now
took 2 tries to update to IOS8 but it finally happened.
probably the only time I'll do something like this but it's perfect and v cute
I feel like my closet needs new clothes.
I think I might do something similar to this.. maybe a little different.
btw here's my awesome loaner phone until mine gets fixed, bye
here's a selfie I took today bc curly hair and felt girly
the real question is how did my camera get all scratched up because I treated that phone like it was a million dollars
- like shit, so I'm stuck with a really crappy loaner phone and I'm upset af right now 😞
wow... I won't have my phone for 6 weeks now because it's going to get fixed bc the stupid camera is all scratched and makes pictures look -
this gives me goosebumps..
I think when someone says they physically want to see you is something special bc hello, who would wanna see me. I'm weird and awkward
I might do my hair the reverse ombré since I'm already blonde... decisions, decisions, decisions
for a brief second my heart stopped beating because of that "I miss you" text 💘
I have this really bad urge to go for a walk and it's pouring rain outside but I wouldn't care at all
cough drops are my bestfriend right now
if you could be mine one last time, I promise I'd do whatever it takes to make you happy
I feel like I might be getting sick, I've had this sore throat for 3 days now... 😪
everytime I go online to shop for clothes I find something really cute and I really like, but they don't have it in my size or outta stock 😫
I'm currently eating Oreos without milk because I don't have any and it's making me super sad.
“@unIovabIe: Cannot stress this enough” realest shit ever 👏
I will never understand how it's okay for someone to ignore my texts and respond hours later but it's the end of the world when I do it back
am I the only one that gets super sad over something that happened a while ago out of the blue?
a rose for you radsters 🌹
made me some hot tea with honey for my throat... hopefully it helps a little bit.
throats been hurting all day
look what came in the mail today? Truly love this bracelet #livelokai
....... I forgot my email and password to my netflix account....
that "goodnight beautiful" text made me weak in the knees
- he knows I don't exist 😕
wow this guy I had a crush on for a whole year is coming back to my town to visit next month and I'm actually excited even though -
my walls are so naked in my room, I need to order posters ASAP
here's my late night, goooodnight selfie 😇�
kiss me and call me yours
don't get me wrong, I mean I like my blonde hair... but I want something different.
what if I did my hair burgundy? Exactly like this...
can't decide if I like color or B&W better so I'll upload them both
tell me something sweet to get me by..
do you ever just crave someone's attention?
I wanna dye my hair a super dark red/purple... like black cherry pretty much.
I wish I could adopt all the puppies and kitties in the world because these animal commercials really get to me 😓
don't get mad when I start ignoring you back.
snapchatters whose stories are over 100 seconds long make me angry