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every time I go to IHOP, I get the same thing.. Like even when it's a restaurant in general, I get the same as usual. I never switch it up.
hotel bathrooms 💙h
I always get really sad when I have to leave my dog home alone.
adventure today🍃 I think graffiti is the most beautiful art in my eyes.2
happy I get to talk to you tomorrow 😊
gonna gain some pounds now, bye.
currently making this awesome smores dip using not only chocolate chips, but Reese's chips 😛
miss ur cute butt already
I will never understand people who go to the beach in tennis shoes.
hot coffee on these cold rainy days make my tummy happy ☕️
I just started reading this book, so I can watch the movie when it comes out 💖💖�…QJ8x
You're my favorite topic.
haven't worn makeup for the past 3 days and it feels great #loveyourself 😇😇😇😇😇
"Cause I want to be bigger than life... for you."
why is the sky so sad?
until Saturday.. 😕
impatiently waiting for season 4 of OITNB.
you're my favorite hello and my most hardest goodbye.
2 in the morning and I'm finally going to sleep 😴😴😴
going back to California at the end of August 😁 hopefully, maybe.. I'm praying.
can't even talk to the person I want to talk too the most 😕
can I have some new neighbors? Maybe ones who aren't loud and obnoxious at 12:30 at night and who will LET ME SLEEP IN PEACE??
casually trying to enjoy a milkshake on our break from work and she's too busy dancing and taking pictures 💜H
I didn't even watch the fireworks tonight bc the person I wanted to watch them with isn't here.
I just want everything to be okay.
Happy fourth! 🇺🇸 be safe today everyone.
I hate how in certain lighting and stuff, my hair looks red and then sometimes it'll look the color it is which is purple.
chopped my hair off yesterday ✂️✂️✂️ and I LOVE IT. It feels so much healthier now.
I just wanna look good for you.
goodnight calls 😍😍😍😍
I can't decide which pair to get! 😓�Jk
the last selfie I'm taking with this hair.. big surprise on Thursday.
I drive a lot of people away. I blame myself.
when the person you want to keep the most is slowly starting to say goodbye 😕
I have the absolute biggest heart when it comes to animals. I would do anything to help them (except snakes and insects of any sort)
going to watch pitch perfect 2 finally with my mama 👵🏼💜
I'm just ready to start my life already.
I should have saved this as the original, but young thug 👊�UL
when someone can be on social media, but not bother texting you 👏🏼
I need Ben & Jerry's new "I dough, I dough" ice cream now. More cookie dough, more happiness 😅
he was pouting for a reason I don't remember, but he always makes me day 100% better 😍😍😍zzzsC
#LoveWins !!!! 💖💖💖💖😘😘😘
I'm happy 😊F
tried for 3 weeks to take a decent selfie and it took me till today finally.
forgot OITNB came out! I have my night set now.
I really wish someone would come out with some new tunes. Has anyone else realized it's been the same tops on iTunes for a few months now?
back to the airport for another goodbye 😕
can't sleep because my neighbors are obnoxiously loud and partying tonight.

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