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nice night for boarding on my new babe
I've eaten pizza the past three nights in a row... oops.
crazy how people who were once so close to you can suddenly become a complete stranger.
my new baby is in 😇😇😇💙💙💙😇💙😇�
finding carter is my newest obsession because I have finally got to watch all the episodes I recorded 💘💘💘💘
All I've been listening too all night...
just 5 more days.. hopefully I can do this.
it's sunny outside and I'm inside, laying on my floor
my dog now currently likes to crawl under the covers and sleep, least he's keeping me warm.
I did make brownies tonight though so..
you've always been perfect to me
I just wanna be with you
as small as my dog is, he's such a bed hog it's not even cool
I'm so hungry, but I can't eat anything.. the struggle is so real 😔
I'm wearing a dress right now and I actually feel pretty and cute for once.
I'm tried of depending on others when all they do is let me down.
I'm like 10 seconds away from fainting because it's so hot outside 😰
wow today was too long for me. I just wanna crawl into bed and sleep forever now
5 o'clock couldn't have come any slower.
have to get up super early tomorrow morning so goodnight 😴💙😴
just wanted someone to go on a late night walk with me tonight but no 😔
currently listening to a really sad song and I'm in my feelings and emotions
If you stay... if you just stay for the night... swear that I'm yours...
the color of your eyes is my new favorite color.
I just wish some things would go back to the way they were...