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my face is so badly sunburnt...
after 3 months with no communication, only letters here and there and not being able to see each other it ended today
I need to go to sleep bc I've been looking towards tomorrow for 3 months and the time has finally come.
San Diego in the a.m. 😃😄
I have to be up by 6 o'clock and I can't fall asleep because of how excited I am.
frozen Reese's cups are 💣💣💣💣
it is so hot right now, I feel like I could have a heat stroke...
wow, okay, I leave for California tomorrow...
ON THE PLUS SIDE, my default picture is cute (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)
dyed my hair again. Little upset because it looks red in the sunlight, when it's suppose to be purple.. 👿
2 in the morning and I'm now realizing I get my hair done 8 hours from now... nighty night 😴😴😴
fell asleep one minute, woke up and now I have to go to work :(
only 4 more days until I head for California 😅😅😅
my dog insists on making me sleep on the edge of MY bed.. THERES A WHOLE LOTTA BED HE CAN STRETCH OUT ON BUT NO.
just want some cuddles n kisses right now.
this is the first time in my ENTIRE life I have ever wanted Monday to be here.
I probably cried and over thought waayy to much this afternoon after watching that video.
tonight was super fun. Love my ladies 💜💜�
the longer I post a picture on Instagram, the longer I start second guessing it..
bath bombin' after a long weekend 💖
I just have to make it through this last week and then I'm on my way to San Diego. You can do this, Melyssa.
I honestly love reading a good book before falling asleep considering that's the thing that puts me to sleep.
I 😊 hate 😊 allergy 😊 season 😊 can't 😊 stop 😊 sneezing 😊
so beyond happy with this purchase 💜💜💜�
you are the best parts of all the songs I love.
I can't wait for your cuddles n kisses again 15 days from now.
I'm that person that likes to order stuff last minute and has to get it rushed to be here on time... seriously though.
I hate eating ribs or chicken wings of any sort bc no matter how many times I wash my hands and scrub my fingers, the smell rarely goes away
but, HEY I'm always up to someone singing to me! 💜
falling asleep before 1 seems impossible to me lately..
- watch it on tv, so the struggle and sadness is real right now 😫😭
I basically finished all the series I started on Netflix and now I'm stuck waiting for the next season to come out bc I don't want to -
bought a plain denim backpack and then a bunch of patches I liked and created this beast 😊�
basically just sitting in my room, watching C.S.I on Netflix all night, yep.
18 more days until I'm on a plane to San Diego! 😅😅😅😅
like I'm a nice and cool bitch to hang out with..
I'm always becoming friends with the wrong people.. Like how?
starting a new series that I hear is really good
gave my mom these beautiful flowers for Mother's Day 🌻�
I'm not going to let tomorrow bother me because 3 more weeks... Just 3 more.
I don't ever drink soda anymore, but the Mountain Dew: Baja blast is an exception for me.
3. weeks. left. o.m.g. 😓😱😁
I feel so honored and so happy that my brother asked me to take his engagement pictures.

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