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with cheese stuffed crust ❤️❤️❤️❤️
don't have a Halloween costume this year and I'm slightly disappointed in myself
after a month of being broken, I finally have my actual phone back, brand new and beautiful 😇😇😇 sooooo happy
only time I ever wear socks to bed is when my feet are freezing, like right now I'm wearing these rainbow colored toe socks just to get warm
being in your arms would be perfect right now
pumpkin cinnamon roll 🎃🎃�
and just when I thought tonight couldn't get any worse...
really random, but kind of cool picture I took?
I think my morning texts are pretty cute
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but this year it's going to be really disappointing for me and I'm not excited for it... 😕
really just want a chocolate milkshake right now
I'm trying to convince my mom into getting me a pet turtle..
I'm now a basic white girl with these leggings, not even mad about it
wow, I really want that white ps4 😍
there's 21 more messages of this....
I want to watch the sunset with someone
I wanna make popcorn balls
nighty night 🌙💜😴
wearing this colorful headband that matches nothing on me for no reason
I seriously can't stop laughing at myself 😂
I just got 3 inches off my hair and if anyone knows how long my hair is, it's a lot to me and now my hair feels super light...
the iTunes update is so pwetttty and nice looking
just spent the last 2 hours watching dance choreographs on YouTube and I'm not mad about it
I don't think missing you should hurt this much, but it does and it sucks and I wish it would stop..
I'm in love with this jacket. It's comfy and warm and ahhh.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
kinda sad how someone can seem to care about you and then suddenly just drop you and pretend you don't exist to them anymore..
super stoked to finally see the mazerunner on Sunday 😅😅😅
missing someone is really sad bc you're not sure if they're missing you back
just ate a big piece of cake bc I'm v v v upset tonight and have been crying for the past hour
I'm so pale. I need to get darker
am I dumb or just not a computer whizz??
I've literally been trying for days now to transfer my iTunes library from my old computer to my new one and I still haven't gotten it...
liking someone sucks because you're either really happy or really sad
you make me super happy and that's a problem
he was cuddling on me while I was watching tv 😭😭😭
I didn't have anything interesting to tweet about today, so goodnight 🌙😔🌌
I'm excited to see you tomorrow😻😻
I have @ShawnMendes on repeat bc his voice ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I wish it would stop snowing 😕
it feels so good to be home
I made myself a nice bed by pushing 3 chairs together at work
5:30 couldn't have come any slower