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Goodnight 😴😴😴😴
got my first congrats graduation card today and it made me super happy!
True friends are people who are there for you when they'd rather be anywhere else.
red bull kicker with raspberry is so 😍😍�
I still wish I could go back and see what my first tweet ever was.
wow... I've had my Twitter account since July of 2011..
I've always just wanted that one bestfriend who is treated like a sister to me and who I can tell and trust anything with...
today just keeps getting better and better... not πŸ˜’
I don't let things bother me normally I just shake them off, but something's do hit me and hurt..
I'm gonna be heard on the radio next month and I was honest with all the questions #noshame
the tower thing was an accident. I didn't mean to get it in the pic, but it turned out good anyways.
I don't even know who my true friends are anymore.
I was super tired this morning so my mom gave me a red bull.
a few extra hours of sleep wouldn't hurt right now
I've come to the conclusion that I really like stuffed lambs.. and stuffed pandas..
sleeping in my own bed tonight is gonna be amazing 😍
family dinners make me as happy as a clam
the Easter bunny is the BEST. I came home from a 4 day track trip to find this on my dresser filled with goodies πŸ˜‹
So glad to be home. I was starting to feel homesick.
I don't wanna be somebody, falling in the relapse, everytime I see that smile again.