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cheerleading lesbian comedy 1,240 followers
Can't sleep cause all I can think about is tumbling. And I had a lot of caffeine. That too. TON
When an injury starts swelling and you're like OMG NO STAHP WHY
The new episode of cheerleaders gives me chills
literally the best argument when people say being gay is a choice is "when did you choose to be straight?"
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This is for sure the struggle emoji😪
I feel like whenever I get hurt I'm pulling the team down but at the same time it's like you gotta play it safe. Athlete dilemmas for real.
"Jennifer Lawrence is fat" Well then id love to be fat too please
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I feel like my life has two sides: times when my nfinities are on and times when they're off #cheerprobs
Proof that @katie_cimo loves a bear more than me #ohok 🐻
"I only had eyes for him, he only had eyes for the cameras" - Miley Cyrus
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When they say cheerleading isn't a sport
@katie_cimo: @QueenAyeee more like homework I didn't do✏️📕📓📔📒📚📖” you right you right😔😔👷👷
NO PRACTICE TIL 3 WOOOOOOOO @katie_cimo 🍺🍸🍹🍷🍻🍕🍔🍟 (I think they eat fast food at parties idk)
@SouthernHomo: GOOD NIGHT GAYS”💋💋💋
@thelanepoag: So I really miss @QueenAyeee 😭” I really miss you too😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
This girl just said Katy perry is more iconic than Beyoncé SKRRRRRT DFM
Your boyfriend is not cute so if you could please refrain from posting his face on every social media site everyone would appreciate it kthx
When they play Beyoncé in the gym
All i want is for my hamstring to feel normal again
But seriously..... I get dibs on Ellen Page... This is not a drill
Whenever I'm feeling basic I just listen to Diva on repeat for awhile and that normally gets me back to my normal level of fierce
There are some rappers who won't work with Frank Ocean because he's bi. Bitch, if he's good enough for BEYONCÉ, he's good enough for you.
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