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I'm liking #AppState18 so far....👏👏👏 future fam doing it right
girls, don't let a guy treat you like a yellow starburst u are a pink starburst
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My dad told me to take shots instead of NyQuil when I'm sick and can't sleep #germandadtotherescue
No one said you had to like my tweets
Michelle Obama purse so heavy gettin Oprah dollars
When people slide in my DM's about twitter promo groups like nah it's never that deep
oomf needs to text me back quicker 😴
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I'm so done with bullshit like😂I have more important things to worry about
when my friends are sad i just want to hug them hug them hug hug them hug them so right and never let them go n kiss their foreheads a lot
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16 year old potheads think they have the whole world figured out
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I heard you and Dee Lee talk lowkey lol — You heard wrong
Keep messing around with this sun I'm gonna be brownskin squad for life like I don't even remember the last time I was lightskin😂
My hair is just bae today liiiiike what what
I swear pretty girls don't be having no personality smh
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I like calling people IGNANT in all caps just bc the irony
Me and @therry_susieQ gon fight💥
You wanna get petty then I'll get petty too and I promise you that you won't win this fight😂
Never chill with someone who only reminds you of your mistakes and not your accomplishments