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hard to believe, but I've never pre-ordered anything. UNTIL NOW! got @Godsmack_Music's #1000HP from @newburycomics
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Help us out guys! Vote for #1000HP at @noisecreep for most anticipated release!
For a pair of tix to our @iHeartRadio performance in NYC- Who can tell us what radio station played our music first & what song was it?
We have a WINNER! He is also knows as FRO ;) “@YankeeFan420: @Godsmack_Music @iHeartRadio Jeff st hilair”
No he drums on Sully's solo album “@pattykiss12: @Godsmack_Music Niall Gregory”
yes Sully mentions him a lot in his book ;) “@Str8_OuttaLine: @Godsmack_Music it's in Sully's book if I'm not mistaken.”
Ok here's a hint - we refer to him by his nick name on all the DVD's
FYI Shane Hall is Shannon's drum tech- not Sully's ;)
Ok for any tristate area peeps who can attend the @iHeartRadio show this MON 8/4- Who is Sully's longtime friend who is also his drum tech?
I think we should give away some more tickets to @iHeartRadio show on MON- who is ready for more trivia?
FYI - some of the Dropbox guys were ON that tour with us, so them singing their own song isn't a cover is it? ;)
YES reefer headed women & no excuses! “@FutureMrsZ0416: @Godsmack_Music @iHeartRadio reefer head woman, nobody cares and no excuses”
Cover songs* meaning not our own ;)
More Trivia for a pair of @iHeartRadio tix in NYC! What 2 songs did we cover on our acoustic tour for "The Other Side" album? GO!
Tristate area peeps, for entry in the @iHeartRadio event MON 8/4 answer this trivia - What band did Sully play drums in before Godsmack? GO!
Don't worry more chances coming up here soon to win a pair of tix to our @iHeartRadio performance MON 8/4 - get your thinking caps on!!
FINALLY !! We have a winner!!!“@RyJo1822: @Godsmack_Music collar bone”
Ok here is a clue, he broke a specific bone that caused him to start drumming how he does - who can tell us what bone for iHeart NYC Tix
NO this isn't an incident lol! “@Ede_23: @Godsmack_Music his older sister forced him to listen to Rush's hemisphere”
Man and all we wanna do is giveaway some tickets- someone in the tristate area better get online & find the correct answer soon ! ;)
For entry in the iHeart performance, re-read question. What childhood INCIDENT - is responsible for Shannon's unique drumming technique? GO
Did you think we were gonna make these questions easy?? Still looking for the correct answer! 😉
GS TRIVIA! Reply ONLY if u can attend the iHeart NYC event- What childhood incident is responsible for Shannon's unique drumming technique?