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Caitlin Beadles
If I was meant to be controlled, I would come with a remote.
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you can't just jump in and out of my life whenever it's convenient for you to have me around.
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Everyone has a reason for the way they are. That's why you should ALWAYS be kind, trusting,&love them unconditionally
I've been on this elliptical for what it feels like FOREVER! How have I only burned 8 calories!! Like is this a joke. I just ate about 1000
#tbt last Halloween, put this together last minute 😂 ... What should I be this year?
Tonights workout, feeling amazinggg! Decided to officially add @pumpupapp to my dock now <3 because I use it everyday! Go download the app and follow me @caitlinbeadles!  #lovepumpup
*gets out of bed *takes nap on couch
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*burns 200 calories @ the gym* *eats 2000 calories afterward*
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I just fell asleep in the bath.... 😴🛀
These past few months have definitely been the hardest of my life but at the same time I'm so blessed
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. @fullcody I better see you this weekend 👊
Gentlemen respect women even when the women don't respect themselves. A good man doesn't want to see a woman live beneath her potential.
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Who wants to talk with me on the phone??? Join my Hushed event -->
It's 9 am and I'm already looking forward to lunch lol
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Always tell the ones you love just how much they are loved ❤️
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We're all broken mirrors so it's hard for other people to see an accurate reflection of who we are without knowing what we've been through
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"I tell you her sins, and there are many, have been forgiven, so she knows much love. But a person who's forgiven little, shows little love"
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... Be the love that they regret letting go.
Sometimes giving someone a second chance is like giving them another bullet for their gun because they missed you the first time.
Obsessed with the song Perfect Storm and She's everything by brad paisley ❤️❤️❤️
People stalk your social media, and hear things about you & then they think they know you.
New puppy CA$H 😍❤️👅🐶
How you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you.
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No, you DON'T look like her, but you have your OWN beauty. The BEST beauty comes from the inside out! #GenerationChange #KnowYourValue
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When you see you aren't baes best friend on snapchat
when you see bae liking other girls pics
"I found this bacterial living thing & I should call the cdc b/c this looks like something from another planet " mike about a caterpillar😂
I feel like my life has been taken from me and thrown off a balcony just like Bart bc I finished gossip girl & now I have nothing to watch
I don't understand how someone can tell you that you deserve better but yet they won't give it to you, making you think you don't.
Don't tell me what people say about me, tell me why they feel comfortable telling you.
I get SOO many Twitter notifications & I'm like OMG I have friends!! But all of them turn out to be @iamdschmidt notifications 💔
money doesn't buy happiness but it lets me go shopping, close enough. 👠👢👗👚👖👙👜👛🎀💄💍💎💰💳
Can lip injections not be a thing .... Things shouldn't be a new trend when you have to change yourself to achieve it #naturalbeauty 👌👍
You don't get what you deserve. You get what you make out of what you are given.
This hotel gym has nothing but a tread mill and bike 😡 & I'm ashamed to say it but I'm eating a cookie while on the treadmill ...
Omg I'm on the last episode of gossip girl .. Now what am I gonna do 😩
I show my dad this DOG & say I need one & he goes " oh yeah, a furry penguin, I've seen those. Like a furry seal " 😂