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Aakash | AK
Are you chocolate, cuz i wanna eat chu
watching teen wolf while eating chocolates and chips 🍫🍫
it's almost august holy crap time flies
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I'll pick you apples from a lemon tree and make you the best orange juice you ever had
Yo Mama is so fat , when she walked past the tv, I missed 3 episodes
I am so freakin hot, when i get into the shower naked, the shower gets turned on
I'm barely 14 there I feel like pico and mokkun…
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Just because everything is different , doresn't mean anything has changed
Yes i am Wierd (W)ierd (I)ntresting (E)xciting (R)eal (D)ifferent
Always be who you really are, unless u can be Batman, then be Batman
◠‿◠ Always be happy
itunes has got it all wrong, The hottest single of the year is me .
Are you a 45 degree angle because you are perfect
Hey, I hear you're good at algebra, will you replace my X without asking y ?
You fat joke, stop pretending we are friends, no one knows you lol Zayn slayed 😁
Why are people so mean, its like they dont carrot all 😦
Let's play a game called Follow the leader, I am the leader, Follow me
I will catch you if you fall -- Floor
I swear a lot, fuckkkk 😂
I swear interesting fun people are so hard to find
I am so wierd, If you are wierd we can be friends
Going to church everyday doesnt make u human, just like Standing in a garage doesnt make u a car
Life's so freakin short, Do what makes you happy
LOL !"@Gods_tweeting: Some people just need a high five in the face"
Retweeted by Aakash | AK
Some people just need a high five in the face
If you're texting two people at the same time, you are biTextual
If you wanna go to school dressed like a bunny, and it makes u happy, DO IT
Dont u wish Karma was like pizza, so it could be delivered under 30 mins

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