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Aakash | AK
I hate memories, they make me sad πŸ˜”
Can i punch ur face, please? πŸ˜€
Fuck, my time machine is not working, the vortex submerger is broken i guess, HELP?
Parents were never teenagers, they came out of the womb directly as parents XD…
Fact:- There are more nipples in the world than people.
I am so glad to be born in a generation where boys can play princesses and girls can be soldiers πŸ‘
I am an Icecream, If you need cheering up, Tweet me ................................................... Its my job cuz I am Icecream
Roses are red, violets are blue If you were a pokémon, i would choose you 🐲
I LOVE THIS MAN SO FRIGGIN MUCH, We should all stand up for what we believe in, dont just sit there
I may look calm but in my head i've killed you like 5 times 😐
Don't let people tell you what to do, Its ur life not theirs !
If you are religious in 2015, you seriously need to see a therapist #sorrynotsorry
Eating Hot noodles in rain is the best thing ever 🍝🍝
If you dont believe in yourself, no one else will. #Believe
Life is hard, It's harder, if you're stupid
MATHS-- Mental Abuse to Humans
I tried to act normal-- Worst 5 minutes of my life 😐
Roses are red Violets are blue I was born beautiful What the hell happened to you?
I am so poor, I can't even pay attention !
Bitch, u know, under all those clothes, you are all naked 😐
Life is short, always follow your dreams πŸ’
We all have something special that no one else does.
The 'stupid' word makes no sense without 'U'
Bieber is back, Bitches!!!!!!!!!!
Life's beautiful, you just have to open the doors and see! πŸ’–
Each and everyone of us has a fire that burns inside us !
Yea, she's Miley cyrus, not Hannah Montanna, Deal with it
I can't tell you the key to success, but the key to faliure is trying to please everyone - Ed Sheeran
Somewhere something incredible is waiting for you πŸ’–
His new song is so awesome , @justinbieber πŸ‘Œ
Are you my homework, cuz i wanna put u on my desk and do you all night 😈
There is only one problem with your face, I can see it
You're not stupid, just boring as hell
Retweeted by Aakash | AK
Will you date me? A. Yes B. A C. B
Is your name Wifi, cuz i am feeling a connection 😏
I dont care what people say, You are beautiful πŸ‘Έ
Dear Math, stop asking us to find your X , she's not coming back
#WhoIsTheKiller Emma's dad , who else 😁
If someone says you cant do it... Turn back and say "Watch me"
I am a misfit, and Oh I looove it πŸ‘Ώ
Being different from others is the best thing ever, That means you are special
My favorite planet is Ur.anus

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