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If David Luiz is worth 50m i.e Phil Jones is worth 80m then
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Too late son!!! RT @TransferSources: Real Madrid and Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas wants Arsenal to revive their interest in him.
Sexy body and brains to match....#Gbam #Grateful
Why are smallish girls attracted to huge dudes tho?
The sitcom "Friends" was initially titled "Insomnia Cafe".
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Thick is a good amount of flesh in the right places..fat is almost obese #Koleyewon RT @_Adeolaa: Being thick and being Fat ; Differences.
Happy 4th of July to me Yank peeps!!! where them firecrackers??
RT @woleawosika: I expect Mr Obanikoro to make a statement assuring of public safety via his twitter handle or is he drinking star beer...
confusion break bone..yepa!! RT @Akinizzle: But I thought Soldiers were like supposed to protect and not attack us. *scratches head*...
RT @Morlardybaba: If people were setting every vehicle that hits someone ablaze... I don't think we would have any more tanker trailers...
RT @Ayourb: This is the kind of soldiers we should support, right?
more cash to embezzle on behalf of the FG RT @Ochuwa_: Please why are they creating 18 new states? What for?
lol RT @Naijablogger: So Jay cheating on Beyonce and she cool but u females wanna break up wit guys for tweeting girls
Biting has paid RT @TransferSources: BREAKING: Barcelona have agreed a £75m 'cash price' for Liverpool striker Luis Suárez.
The battle of the group winners...let the world cup begin!
Lmfaoooo! "@SamuelLJackson: We aint chil'n jst a photo. RT @Thabo09: Chilling wth Samuel L Jackson"
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RT @Lolo_cy: Mehnnn Iggy's body is mad sexy.. cnt even front..
take okada "@omodonconiyon: One of those days I'm going to training; late asf!
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Good morning world! BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE....#BeGreat #DazAll #Koleyewon
Oga Madam Live on Stage with LOLO 1 "Definition of a Queen" - Season 3... September 28th, 2014.... at Muson...
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Sezual RT @BossLadyShante: I'm stuck in a hardplace smh
Me Just here to crack up...if you can't take a joke....PLEASE KILL YOURSELF *offers otapiapia
side dudes be like----->RT @ISRAELONA: When eva u want @hannycurry: When will I see you again
She say i'm fly that's why she headed to the cockpit ...#RedNose #Koleyewon #Sezual
But first!!! lemme take a selfie!! *shoots self with catapult
i can cook eba #Koleyewon RT @Creamberrie: Preach on! RT @shigoopompey: Ladies, you shouldn't marry a guy that can't cook <<<<<
#Questionforthegods #Koleyewon RT @The1stNigerian: Why is it that while you're in heavy traffic, the other lane seems to move faster...
Ghana's Peace Hyde RT @Kayseeeeeee: "Is her name tomi? RT GOLDENBOY: #Alert WCW!!!------->”"
sigh* RT @Tackylavish: GOLDENBOY @Gbenga_OG Lol....Yeah,I know him
GrownFolksMusic #Koleyewon RT @UNCLE_AJALA: I'm into Architecture,What Are You into?
*sips ovaltine RT @Lamzierouge: I'm very time conscious. I always get to appointments ridiculously early and then I'll be like I should...
baba u sabi dis Ogudu Gbenga ...RT @Tackylavish: GOLDENBOY @Gbenga_OG Wetin dey worry both of Una??
chai see my sub...dia is god oooooh!! Billionaire eventually sha RT @Gbenga_OG: Twitter musician just come start to they yarn rubbish for...