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RT @TheBrittEffect: She dresses cute but is shaped like a ham hock.
RT @RandomNaija: #RandomNaija RT @KneWKeeD: Pple fuck for shawarma? Hallelujah
RT @RandomNaija: Kush high or liquor high. Which is easily managed? #RandomNaija
k RT @QueenFuna: 🎧 Asa na acho money gwa ya na odi ya mana m ga afuchalu opi ya 🎧 Lmao. Phyno is a mad man.
gang banged? RT @Diilated: I will never forget that day 😭😭😭
JONA is working! RT @Ossysuavy: so keshi is back as the coach of eagles???
RT @DUPE0LA: You'll think you've finally found a shoulder to cry on until Nepa strikes then his hand starts shifting to your bra hook.
#Gbam RT @Zintle_Mkwela: I kent shout oo "@iam_theobat: He that has eyes and earsβ€¦β€œ@MistaAlinco: Ladies.”
RT @Babarazzy: Lmao RT @ShortBlaqDude: You dig gutters with your finger nails?. RT @Scarz_: It's out!!
That thick south african on my TL..there is god ooooh!
buhahaha RT @abyhonour: Could u be more clear pls RT @kikillet: I miss us already
RT @kentroo: "@RaykwonKerr: People will always try to change the way you see things."
lol...cray people dey twitter sha #StaleTho
RT @RandomNaija: "Stella give me the banana oooh"- Who said this? First correct answer wins airtime. Hint #General #RandomNaija
RT @RandomNaija: "Opposites attract" - Interracial couple #RandomNaija
RT @RandomNaija: The only thing constant is change. People change! #RandomNaija
RT @RandomNaija: Those kind of songs that minister deep words into your soul #RandomNaija
Love me like i dont exist...
Prodizzle on da beat!!!!!!!!
Wishing yall a fab week...gbam!!!!
RT @Latchenko: May two seller "@BeckyEzinwa: I am older than all of you on twitter"
"Everyday presents an opportunity for you to be greater than the day…
There is no success that came from just sitting at home and saying you would blow.
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Scared money don't make no money πŸ’Έ
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bam bam shuku shuku...
hopefully u for don brush mouth...RT @cupids__: kiss me when im being a drama queen πŸ’
wow thats 9ice!!!! kbye #TeamBuff RT @tonipayne: Slim men over other men πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒβœŒοΈ
Just like fine wine...
I dont get artist using already used song titles tho...#Shoki #Caro have been bastardized...sigh*
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @UCHEUGOUGO: This campaign poster just killed me...What????? C@UcheBriggsggs le dis
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I trust u well shaved "@BettyTweeet: Yeah love it's clean "@Pwettybee09: "Should I gv u head @BettyTweeet: Eeeerm, yes boo"@Pwettybee09:
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true RT @Blue_Kapok: True RT @AmazingDanny_: Being gay is the work of the devil
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With all this Erik Lamela/rabona talk, we couldn't help but remember this classic from David Dunn...
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If we're this excited about Lamela's goal, can you imagine how crazy the people went for Bergkamp's flick around goal against Newcastle
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Mauricio Pochettino says he didn’t celebrate Erik Lamela’s goal because 'he only shows emotion at home and in bed'
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Lowkey β€œ@GMAKGOLDENBOY: Keep it between me n u...”
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😭😭😭@kas_SIR_novanova: When God tells you to go to Egypt but you gotta take one for"
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Keep it between me n u...
#RandomNaija RT @omojuwa: You can't blackmail people into supporting your candidate. Attempts like that are known to die on arrival.
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RT @baydorz: Ladies... @Pwettybee09: In a relationship both partners must spend..."
New task, new role...Thanks Jah
Top of the morning to you!!!!
This ugly duckling has turned into a swan. Hello, new @hootsuite dashboard