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Hey Inboxers, you can invite your friends. 3 invites coming your way soon. Look for the golden ticket in Speed Dial.
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The second round of invites have left the building: check your Gmail. Didn't get one? Hang tight, more on the way.
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Please welcome @inboxbygmail to Twitter :-D
Today, we introduced something new. It's called Inbox. It's built by Gmail, but it's different. Learn more at
New! Now you can view images within your message full-screen:
Leave summer behind with this custom autumn theme: #ThemeThursday
In a New York state of mind? Add this custom theme to your inbox: #ThemeThursday
No need for a gondola ride when you can cruise through Venice from your inbox: #ThemeThursday
Don't go chasing waterfalls—bring them to your inbox with this custom theme: #ThemeThursday
Starting today it's easier to see which of your chat buddies are online in Hangouts in Gmail:
Soak up the last weeks of summer with this custom theme from Rockaway Beach: #ThemeThursday
Video chat with 10 friends, ping a colleague, or give someone a ring — all without leaving your inbox #WorkWednesday
Leave Gmail open on a public computer? Easily sign out of other active sessions: #TipTuesday
Prevent yourself from getting click-happy & deleting important messages by activating Confirm Delete. #MobileMonday
Drum roll, please... Congrats to Avrohom, Jasper, Sarah and Onat for getting all 8 questions correct! #GmailTrivia
Stay tuned to see if you’re a Gmail expert! Q7: Lick a stamp & place it down: Q8: Zurich, Switzerland #GmailTrivia
Final question! Submit your last answer here: #GmailTrivia
We’re in the home stretch! Give this question your best go: #GmailTrivia
Answers: Q5: Ocean Q6: More than 550. Visit our community forum ( next time you have a Gmail question #GmailTrivia
You know the drill! Remember to post your answer here: #GmailTrivia
Only 27% of users got the last question right. Let’s see how you fare this round: #GmailTrivia
More Answers: Q3: 100%. Keeping your messages safe is our top priority: Q4: #GmailTrivia
Here's one for our loyal followers. Peek through old posts for a few hints: #GmailTrivia
ဝ, ૦ & ο look like the letter o. To stay ahead of spammers, Gmail has taken extra precautions:
Yesterday was easy, but now it’s time to step up your game. Post answers here: #GmailTrivia
Answers to yesterday’s trivia: Q1: Welsh Q2: Reed Morse. Yes, he’s actually related to Samuel Morse: #GmailTrivia
Ready for Round 2? Submit your answers here: #GmailTrivia
Time to refresh your inbox trivia. Submit your answer to the 1st question here: #GmailTrivia
Looking for a little extra summer fun? Each day next week, we’ll post two trivia questions to test your Gmail knowledge. #GmailTrivia
Big Ben is the name of the bell inside the clock—not the name of the tower: #ThemeThursday
Gmail now surfaces Unsubscribe links so you can say bye to sifting through messages for them:
Gmail will now recognize addresses with accented or non-Latin characters (e.g. 武@メール.グーグル)
Add a signature to your Android device so your friends always know when you send a message on-the-go. #MobileMonday
Enjoy Florence without climbing 414 steps to get to the top of the Duomo: #ThemeThursday
Keep track of your busy life by displaying your Google Calendar in your inbox: #WorkWednesday
Quickly send a note to your book club or soccer team by creating a contact group: #TipTuesday
On the weekend, turn off your work account to focus on some summer fun: #MobileMonday
Insert from Drive and Save to Drive now available in the official Gmail iOS app. Learn more:
Only 227 of the 6,000 Greek islands have inhabitants. Join the lucky few: #ThemeThursday
Friends owe you cash? Send a message right within Gmail to request the money: #WorkWednesday
Archive messages so that you can focus on your most important emails first: #TipTuesday
Have an account that you don’t use anymore? Remove it from the Gmail Android #MobileMonday
When ocean currents meet, jellyfish often group together to form a “bloom:" #ThemeThursday
Save some clicks, and switch between your favorite Google apps from your inbox: #WorkWednesday
Make life simpler by adding all of your Gmail accounts to the Android Gmail app: #MobileMonday
Exactly 101 years ago, Death Valley reached the hottest temperature ever–134°F: #ThemeThursday
Insert from Google Drive now available in the Gmail Android app:
We’re introducing a new hashtag to help you get the most out of your Google account by using Gmail: #WorkWednesday
Before your vacation, set up an automatic reply to let people know you'll be away: #TipTuesday
13 new languages join the Gmail family, bringing the total to 71 and covering 94% of the world’s Internet population: