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Shauna James Ahern
Making dozens of mini blueberry muffins to freeze for snacks because tomorrow is the first day of kindergarten. (p.s. Holy crap)
Chocolate lavender tart with flaky sea salt.
Sunday mornings are my favorite.
Tomorrow is September. Today is peach pie.
The owner and pastry chef at Vashon Island Bakery has taken great care to make some truly gluten-free baked goods. She's also using our AP flour for the muffins and scones. Hot damn!
I just ate peaches for the first time and I am so excited!
Once in a while, it's time for a burger, fries, and a root beer. Zombiez, here on Vashon, has gluten-free buns and a dedicated fryer. Thanks, guys.
Picking wild huckleberries at the elementary school.
Meeting her kindergarten teacher.
Kindergarten open house.
Hat tip 2 @glutenfreegirl 4 blazing a trail on the #glutenfree food front. My story on recent developments for @CHOW:
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Last night I suffered a fairly life altering experience because I "Fit The Description" -…
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There is nothing more exciting than watching a flag fluttering.
Michael Brown's Unremarkable Humanity - Atlantic Mobile…
In this video, learn to balance the sweetness of your summer desserts with @goodappetite
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The last sing-around-the-campfire-at-the-beach Monday gathering of the summer.
Our skate park days have begun.
Diced cucumber, homemade sauerkraut, and thick yogurt, with Maldon salt. Ripe tomatoes, feta, and basil. This is late summer for me.
It sometimes seems like the best nutrition advice is to avoid all nutrition advice and eat all things in moderation.…
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So proud of her badges.
A private table by the window.
"In evading my humanity, you have done something to your own humanity." - James Baldwin
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We're serving fried realness at the picnic.
This photograph of Harry Belafonte with Martin Luther King has made my entire YEAR. LOVE THIS.…
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"Kindness knows no shame." — Stevie Wonder
Huge amount of loving kindness needed in the world tonight — share it around.
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Blackberry tartlet with coconut custard sauce.
Braised rabbit with roasted potatoes, mushrooms, and mustard sauce.
Summer gazpacho with crab.
Scene of dinner tonight.
Seeing this makes me so happy.
We could use some more fierce kindness in the world.
A lovely reminder about loving an exceptional everyday life.…
after some deeper reflections, I wrote this about Ferguson… Unarmed + White: Why I Won't Be Shot By The Police
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...especially b/c there were two cops! 1 couldn't get around behind? talk him down? they tranquilize animals. @glutenfreegirl @angie7575
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After they unloaded on #KajiemePowell they turned his lifeless body over and handcuffed him. This is not humanity.
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Seriously, is there no way for police to capture a man who stole two sodas without shooting him dead immediately? #KajiemePowell