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I shot you three times in the face you should be dead #ghostsuckskqnfnefkw
Derrick Rose suffers no lack of confidence in return to floor w/ #USABMNT (via @johnschuhmann)
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Where was this dang rainbow
I have a secret crush on G-Eazy
Mom if you want me to bring home a girl, please let me buy a bike! Chicks dig bikes
All I want is to be at that that stage where I can fart next to bae #RelationshipGoals
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Wow I am a dork, I've been played #dang
If your waking up right now this stinks
Boooo shut up melo no one likes you #ESPYS2014
I still get upset when I watch the episode of Michael Scott leaving on the office
Me and my uncle celebrating my 21 bday right with some Irish car bombs #Irish #21 #chicago
Finally got my little sister into G-Eazy #mygirl
Nigga we made it goodnight🎂🎊🎉🍻🍹🍷#21
I had to buy it! Heads up ladies it's gonna be legendary #ookillem
Love putting lil super man on my shoulders #fish #cast #cousin #family #superman
With Melo reportedly set to re-sign with the Knicks, RT if you think he's making a BIG mistake.
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I hope u win nothin in New York melo #loser
Hey at least bosh is stayin @BowleggedGreg
Wait I'm not happy for next season until we get melo
BREAKING NEWS: Entire state of Ohio scrambles to dig #23 jerseys out of the ashes as Heat fans go back to "just living in Miami"
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Bosh fumbling his phone like crazy tryna call Houston back
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I turn my music down in the car when I'm by black people just to be safe
Ima let her do her then do me
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Got a text from boss you can stay home #fookyea
The best girls are the girls that go to raves. ❤️
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Worst night of my life 😷
I'm a space bound rocket ship and your hearts the moon
A girl that puts up with your bullshit daily is a keeper.
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I have to watch every movie mark Wahlberg is in #MarkyMark