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Mike Lazarus (ACT!)
Pope Francis: You Can’t Use Religion To Justify Violence
Saudi Sheikh warns women that driving could affect ovaries and pelvis <~ Why women shouldn't drive?
State Farm drops ad starring Rob Schneider over anti-vaccine views <~ Good
12 Movies That Might Have Been... But Weren't.
11 Common Myths About The Technology You Use Every Day
Studies show Australians rarely have sex while they’re sober <~ Who's sober?
The Extra Step You Need To Take Before You Sell Your Android Device
Christopher Pyne’s memory of his meetings shown by this answer is remarkable. #qt
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Still waiting to hear from AGD on the "whole of government" response to the connection between Iraq intervention and terrorism. Been 24 hrs.
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Questions arise over Christopher Pyne's taxpayer-funded trip with his wife to London and Rome #AusPol
Prime Minister Tony Abbott now giving a statement in the House on national security.
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Fact check: Will Australian universities 'slide into mediocrity' without reform? #AusPol
@GLComputing @geeksrulz Murdochracy recycling old has beens Howard Carr Gillard and Martin to take spotlight off Abbotts woeful govt #auspol
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Professors on food stamps: The shocking true story of academia in 2014 <~ How America values educators :-(
Daily Show punks DC football fans by inviting Native Americans on episode
Join the thousands of Australians going on the record. Say no to the new war in Iraq.
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Physicists in Switzerland set distance record in quantum teleportation
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Inside the Biggest Climate March in History @climatecouncil
Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries of Science
10 Republican red states that mooch off of coastal liberal states
Passenger ejected from flight over notebook doodles <~ Seriously? #AusPol
Armed ‘ninja’ sister-wives caught trying to abduct Utah sex assault victim <~ Insane 'Murica
This Is What Sex Looks Like Inside An MRI Machine <~ For science
Forced underage marriage church uses Hobby Lobby to defend itself in child labor case <~ No laws apply for churches
This post wasn't here before you looked at it...
How Can We Improve Scientific Literacy?
Windows 9 rumor roundup: Everything we know so far
Anti-vaxxers are working for Big Pharma ....
Jacqui Lambie misappropriates image of female Afghan police officer killed by Taliban #AusPol
A Potential Terrorist Attack On Aust Was Just Met With A Collective “Meh” Because Guy Behind It Isn’t Muslim #AusPol
Twitter CEO Responds To Pot-Smoking Accusation In Best Way Possible
Keychain First Aid Kit Might Help Save The Bees
iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 <~ Finally, an accurate comparison
Siri Replaced By Bono <~ Only new iOS8 feature that's not in Android 2012?
GOP’s 7 most mind-boggling “scientific” theories -
Texas court throws out ‘paternalistic’ ban on ‘upskirt’ photos <~ The case was about children being photographed!!!
Watch Obama's Top Science Advisor Repeatedly Shut Down Climate Deniers At House Climate Hearing <~ Fantastic
Barry O'Farrell takes aim and fires at Shooters and Fishers MP Robert Borsak <~ Onya Barry #AusPol
"#ClimateChange is here. It is happening to us now." That's why activists want their leaders to listen: #Climate2014
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